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Snoop Dogg - Dead Man Walkin
« on: May 25, 2002, 06:32:14 PM »
Snoop Dogg – Dead Man Walkin’

1. May I…Great beat and dope Snoop flow.  Muffled whistled is the perfect touch.  Good chorus.  4/5
2. C-walkin’…Slow beat and slow delivery.  Tight song.  4/5
3. Head doctor…Decent beat and good flow.  The hook is what makes this song.  3.5/5
4. Hit rocks…Good Snoop flow.  Beat is a bit strange though.  3.5/5
5. Tommy boy…Daz has a tight verse in this song.  Boring production.  2/5
6. Change gone come…Nice chorus by Jewell.  Decent flow.  3.5/5
7. Too black…Very laidback beat.  Snoop comes with an even more laidback flow, which sounds more like a freestyle.  4/5
8. Gangsta walk…Plain sounding production.  Track features Dogg Pound, but nothing special.  2.5/5
9. County blues…Tight track.  Nice flow and simple, but dope beat.  3.5/5
10.   I will survive…Production has a softer feel to it.  Average track.  3/5
11.   My favorite color…Strange Snoop flow.  Beat gets repetitive, but it seems to fit the lyrics.  3.5/5
12.   Me and my doggs…Track taken from ‘Doggfather’.  Simple production, and Snoop’s flow is average.  3/5


Not bad for an album put together with “leftovers” at Death Row.  There a couple of good tracks worth playing a few times, but most do not have a good replay value.  Overall production was slightly above average, but Snoop’s flow was not up to par.

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Re: Snoop Dogg - Dead Man Walkin
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nice review homie... i agree with the rating of 6.5/10... there's some good tracks like "May I" but not much replay value on the cd...

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