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Silkk - The Shocker
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Silkk – The Shocker

1. Murder…Has sort of a dark feel to it.  Gangsta lyrics.  Heavy bassline.  4.5/5
2. I ain’t takin’ no shorts…Great production with some deep bass.  Silkk flows his ass off.  He spits the verses with raw emotion.  5/5
3. I represent…The deep whistling combined with the “south” production and tight lyrics make this a hard track.  4/5
4. The shocker…Beat consists of a tambourine and an eerie sounding piano loop.  Flowing ass lyrics.  4/5
5. No Limit party…The deep bass and a piano loop gets repetitive.  I always skip this track.  2/5
6. Free loaders…Mo B. Dick does an amazing job on the hook.  Production sounds more west coast here.  4.5/5
7. 1 morning…More like just an interlude song.  One verse, no chorus.  Just a short story.  3.5/5
8. How we mobb…Almost has a west coast feel to it.  Nice added touch of the church bell in the loop.  4/5
9. It’s on…Tight flow by Silkk.  Decent beat.  3/5
10.   Ain’t nothin’…A song about groupies.  Average song.  3/5
11.   Ghetto tears…A deep song about ghetto life.  A+ production.  4.5/5
12.   Mr….Nice lyrics and a good beat.  3.5/5
13.   It’s time to ride…Cool gangsta beat and lyrics.  Master P adds a good verse.  4.5/5
14.   If my 9 could talk…Verses starts out light, then the BASS comes in and hits hard.  Uses  sample from Scarface.  Hard ass song.  5/5
15.   Commercial
16.   Got ‘em fiendin’…Has a west coast mobbin’ feel to the song.  3.5/5
17.   My car…Smooth beat.  Mo B. Dick does a good job on the track, but this concept was overused, especiall in 1996 with Too Short and UGK having same titled songs.  3/5
18.   Ghetto 211…Slow beat with a violin sound in the loop.  Raw lyrics by Silkk and Master P.  4.5/5
19.   Why my homie…Melancholy production about how short life is and fallen friends.  The sound of water trickling in the background is strange, but it fit the song perfectly.  Featuring Master P and C-Murder.  4.5/5


One of the best No Limit releases.  Silkk spits his flow fast at times and then slows it down in the same line and that’s his style here.  Nice of mix of production with west coast and south sounding beats.  Every song well above average.
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