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Esham - Tongues
« on: May 21, 2002, 02:30:07 PM »
Esham – Tongues

1. Walkin’ on da flatline…Nice intro and guitar loop.  Flowin’ lyrics.  Bangin’ beat.  4.5/5
2. Slippin’ out Amerikkka…Esham puts down a dope flow and the guest artist, Mujahid, adds some eerieness to the track.  3/5
3. The D….Tight beat.  A short story about getting chased by the police.  4.5/5
4. I’m dead…Fits in sync after the previous track.  Unique beat.  Wicked lyrics.  4.5/5
5. Panic attack…A song featuring Violent J.  Lyrics are decent, but the beat is irritating as hell.  It sounds like something is missing from it, and it is very repetitive.  2/5
6. Chemical imbalance…Sounds like a mix of alternative and hip-hop.  Disses towards Eminem.  Nice fading on the beat.  3.5/5
7. God…Good laidback beat.  Great lyrics.  Sounds almost like a harp in the background rather than guitar.  4/5
8. Detroit 101…Smooth production.  Tight ass flow.  The beat changes for Mastamind’s verse and it is not as good.  The song is just too short.  4.5/5
9. Poetry…Very light beat, which goes well with the lyrics and flow.  4/5
10.   Everyone…Has a dark, evil sound to it.  Lyrics are wicked.  Tight chorus.  5/5
11.   Crash & burn…Almost sounds like a hint of Dr. Dre’s production (1994).  Good lyrics.  4/5
12.   Mr. Negativity…Here’s another twist of hip-hop and alternative.  Works well with the vibe of the song.  More disses to Eminem.  3.5/5
13.   Pill me (Feel my prescription)…Smooth, flowing, slow beat.  Three great verses by Esham.  5/5
14.   Brain surgery…Beat is very strange here.  Lyrics are tight though.  3/5
15.   Devilshit…Catchy hook even though it has nothing to do with the title.  Tight lyrics by E and Kool Keith.  4/5
16.   All night everyday…Production has a dark, hip-hop feel to it.  Features porn star Heather Hunter who flows well to the beat.  4/5
17.   I know…Great production.  Tight flow.  4.5/5
18.   So selfish…Slow beat.  Esham flows slower.  Good chorus.  4/5
19.   Envy the sunshine…He sings on this one.  It is very different from the other songs on the CD.  One of the only average length songs.  It’s decent though.  3.5/5
20.   Love…Evil beat.  Many different instruments used.  4/5
21.   Gloczup…Strange production with a dark feel.  Hella tight lyrics.  Eminem diss.  4.5/5
22.   Intro (Hallucinagenics)…Tight bell in the production.  Flowin’ ass lyrics.  I like the part towards the end when most of the beat is taken out except for the clanging.  4.5/5
23.   Skydive…Not much present in the production.  Tight lyrics like always though.  3.5/5
24.   Fuck a lover…Featuring the Dayton Family, so you don’t get to hear much of Esham except for one verse.  The song is tight though.  3.5/5


This album really grows on you.  At first, I thought it was just an average Esham CD, but the more I listened to it, it became classic.  He always comes out with something totally different from what’s out there.  Album contains many Eminem disses and some wicked lyrics.  Esham comes with some raw, heated lyrics.  You can tell he’s really feeling every word on Tongues.
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Re: Esham - Tongues
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1.Walking on the flatline-Pretty good way to start the album off
2.Slippin' Out Amerikkka-Strange Esham beat w/Mujahid,He seemed a little Islamic influnened as well during this time as well
3.The D-Another adaption of his famous "Esham's Boomin'"rhyme.Nice song you can rock out to
4.I'm Dead-It's a little stale,average at best
5.Panic Attack-Silly ass track w/Violent J
6.Chemical Imbalance-This is why I think Eminem is a bitch right now!Listen to the hook,Em should have stepped to E because of the hook.Good bass line by Santos
7.God-Nice track kinda ambeinish
8.Detroit 101-Nice track w/Mastamind on it.
9.Poetry-My fav on this album.Reminds me of Poet Laurate II as far as beat switch-a-rounds
10.Everyone-Eerie,This is what E's famous for
11.Crash & Burn-Somethin to think about,Great song
12.Mr.Negitivity-A rock type song
13.Pill Me-Chill Music
14.Brain Surgery-Rips the fuck outta Em on this one
15.Devilshit-Strange beat,Hook takin from W/S Story
16.All Night Everyday-Silly ass song w/Kool Keith & Heather Hunter
17.I Know Right now,I hate this fuckin song!
18.So Selfish-Nice track
19.Envy The Sunshine-Starts off w/ I think Esham's baby daughter's cute voice sample,however if you remember Me & My Girlfriend by Tupac,then you know where this track is going to be about.
20.Love-This tracks amusing w/TNT ridin shotgun
21.Gloczup-Tore up Dice & Eminem,allthough I dont like the last words on this song
22.Intro-Another beat switch type song
23.Skydive-Starts off kinda strange,sounds kinda like Vanilla Dome off Super Mario World
24.Fuck A Lover-Nice Track w/The Dayton Family coming off awfully nice

Last Werd:All in all,Another winner from Esham's catalog before he joined up w/Psychopathic Records.Dihards are gonna love this,others step into this album w/caution,cuz this album is a little too complex for feeble minded people.

Rating:Boomin CD


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Re: Esham - Tongues
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i remember buying this album and listening to it once and not even all the way through...i'd be willing to give this album up for a bag of rocks, peace.
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Re: Esham - Tongues
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2004, 04:36:38 PM »
i remember buying this album and listening to it once and not even all the way through...i'd be willing to give this album up for a bag of rocks, peace.

i got a bag of rocks in my hand rite now