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Brotha Lynch Hung - Loaded
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Brotha Lynch Hung – Loaded

1. Siccmade house…intro done by First Degree.  I’m not giving this a rating, but it’s a sick ass intro.
2. My soul to keep…Another intro that does not feature Lynch, rather Kokane.  Dark sounding production and Kokane gives it a perfect twist of funk.  5/5
3. Die; 1 by 1…The song starts with audio from Evil Dead, which is also used in the intro.  Quality production and sick ass lyrics.  4.5/5
4. One a da las sicc…Very dark sounding beat with a touch of a west coast gangsta production.  Hella tight flow.  5/5
5. Situation…EVIL sounding beat.  Lynch puts it down with E-40 and Twamp Dog here.  4.5/5
6. Heatas…Slow, dark beat featuring some Siccmade affiliates.  Lynch is only on one verse, but his guest artists put it down.  4/5
7. Did it and did it…R&B type track with a Siccmade production twist.  Sick ass lyrics and a tight hook.  4/5
8. Went way…A short song that sounds more like a freestyle, but damn, Lynch flows.  Slow production.  I just wish it was longer.  4.5/5
9. Thatz what I said…An average song featuring Loki.  Chorus is kind of weak.  3.5/5
10.   Feel my nature rize…Has a lighter-sounding beat.  Bumpin’ basslines.  Good lyrics.  4/5
11.   One mo pound…The beat sounds like something is missing, but it’s tight ass hell.  Dope lyrics.  4/5
12.   On my briefcase…Hella deep bassline.  Lynch flows slow as hell here, but it fits the beat well.  4/5
13.   Secondz away…Again, it sounds like something is absent from the beat, but again, it works.  Tight Lynch lyrics.  Ice T puts it down too.  4/5
14.   Bonus trackz…Samples from Siccmade artists.

I think overall this was an under-rated and forgotten album.  The dark production goes perfect with Lynch’s dark, sick lyrics.  Most of the songs have a short intro that really doesn’t have anything to do with the song, but they make the entire album sound better.  It gives it more of an evil feel.
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