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Madd Rapper- Tell Em Why U Madd
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I'm Madd (f/joe hooker, ebony opera)- mediocre track. 3/5

Dot vs TMR- Madd Rapper battles his alter ego D Dot- Nice lyrics, but the beat could've been better. 3.5/5


You're All Alone (f/picasso black)- I love Picasso Black, I wonder what happened to him. The beat is great, and TMR comes correct. 5/5

That's What's Happenin (f/mase, tracey lee)- Typical party track. I'm a Mase fan, so I enjoyed this track. 4/5

Dice Game

Roll With The Cat- Mediocre track. 3/5

How We Do (f/p.diddy)- Mediocre beat, and Puffy's verse didn't do the track didn't do the track much good. 2.5/5

Stir Crazy (f/eminem)- Em and TMR have amazing chemistry. They Should've worked together more. 5/5

D Dot Interview

Ghetto (f/carl thomas, raekwon)- Love this song, but the beat is kinda boring. 4/5

Survivng The Game (f/desert roze)- Great production, and this Desert Roze chick is pretty good. 4.5/5

Bong Break (f/busta rhymes)- Busta has pretty decent chemistry with TMR, the beat is kinda boring. 3.5/5

Whateva (f/fierce, picasso black)- Flawless track, Picasso and Fierce had mad talent. 5/5

Too Many Ho's (f/lil cease, jermaine dupri)- Lil Cease steals the show, lackluster production. 3.5/5

Bird Call

Not the One (f/oh!ficial)- The guy singing the hook doesn't have that great of a voice, Oh!Fical is nothing special, and the beat is boring. 2/5

They Just Don't Know (f/nature, black rob)- Ill hook, great beat. Nature steals the show. 5/5

Esta Loca (f/beatnuts, rambo)- Amusing hook, TMR kicks a great verse, but the beatnuts steal the show. 5/5

Shysty Broads (f/erika kaine, babe blu, mae west)- Boring beat, annoying hook, but the verses are decent. 3/5

Talk Show (outro)

Wildside (f/desert roze)- TMR steals the show, production is lackluster. 4/5

Car Jack

How To Rob (f/50 Cent)- This song is a classic. This is 50 Cent when he was in his prime. If you don't like this track, kick yourself in the nuts, really, really, hard. 5/5

Overall= 3.9/5

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Re:Madd Rapper- Tell Em Why U Madd
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didnt know much about this album cept for the fifty and em songs thanx for the review