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C-Bo - Til My Casket Drops
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C-Bo – Til my Casket Drops

1. Ride til we die…Decent opening track featuring Mob Figgas and 151.  3.5/5
2. Deadly game…Song written by X-Raided about the whole justice/court system.  Tight ass lyrics.  C-Bo spits the verses with emotion.  4/5
3. Major Pain & Bossalini…Song with Spice 1.  Good west coast beat.  Both put down some good verses.  3.5/5
4. Money by the ton…A song about hustling and coming up.  The beat really doesn’t seem to fit the song though.  3/5
5. 40 & C-Bo…Song featuring E-40.  Nice some for bumpin’.  3.5/5
6. Hard labor…Slow laidback feel to the song featuring the Outlawz.  3.5/5
7. Raised in hell…A ‘fuck the world song’.  Good flow by Syke and C-Bo.  I’m lovin’ the chorus.  4/5
8. Can we all ball…Nice beat, but just too many guests that I don’t really want to hear.  3/5
9. Desparado outlaws…Laidback beat with a fat bassline.  He spits some raw lyrics and a tight ass hook.  4.5/5
10.   Real niggaz…The beat will have your head bumpin’.  Straight gangsta lyrics.  3.5/5
11.   Professional ballers…A gangsta beat with sort of a soft touch to it.  The guest artists put it down on here also.  4/5
12.   Big gangsta…Here’s a mellow beat that C-Bo flows nicely to.  Again, too many guests and not enough C-Bo.  3.5/5
13.   All I ever wanted…Cool ass slow beat with some slow flowing.  4/5
14.   Boo yow!…Now this was a song he should’ve had put some guests artists on.  I’m really not diggin’ the beat or chorus.  3/5
15.   No pain no gain…Average song.  Average beat.  Average lyrics.  3/5
16.   Til my casket drops…Easily the best song on the album.  Classic west coast beat and some raw ass C-Bo lyrics.  5/5
17.   357…Very unique song where C-Bo spits the rap from a gun’s prospective.  TIGHT ass lyrics combined with a bomb ass beat.  Second best song on the album.  5/5


I really wish that I could give this CD a higher rating, but looking at all the tracks, a lot of them are worth skipping.  Overall there are too many guest rappers and most of the beats are below par.  The best songs here are the solo C-Bo songs.  The album has it’s good points, but just too many mediocre tracks.
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