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"Pleezbaleevit!" Remember This Tight Album?  
« on: April 21, 2002, 07:17:23 AM »
Name:  Doggy's Angels
Album:  "Pleezbaleevit!"
Released:  November 21rst, 2001
Category:  West Coast
Rating:  4.25/5
Reviewed By Incognito on 11/29/00

1. Baby If You're Ready - (featuring Latoiya Williams) - Snoop's three angels, Kola, Big Chan, and Coniyac are introduced to the world with this track, the first single of their careers. The song is definitely contagious, what got me was the catchy hook by Toi and that all three MC's support the track with tight rhymes. The beat is tailored by one of LA's finest, Battlecat, who puts together a smooth and original melody that suits the lyrics and Toi's harmonic chorus. Kola makes an impressive entrance with her quik-paced rhymes, "Any beef you got trust we gon eat it together hold it down in the hood while I get this chedda, whether its all grits and gravy or we ready to tangle, it's all G havin me so you labeling me yo angel." That's one of her tight lines on this track, Chan as well as Coniyac dish out some dope lyrics too. This track was good to go with for promotion, very catchy and eas! ! y to like overall with a nice beat and hook to go along with the three MC's. A great song to start off the album. 4.5 out of 5.

2. Curious - (featuring Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg) - Fredwreck hooks up one of the funkiest beats on the record which features Snoop singin a pretty tight hook. All 3 Angels impressed me here with their raps. Then towards the end, Nate Dogg comes out of nowhere just singin his ass off, "You niggas is makin me f u r i o u s, mmmmhhhhhh, you niggas is bout to get slapped". He just fucks wit the track and adds even more power to the song, too bad he only makes one appearance on the record though. This is a great track with lots of flavor. 4 out of 5.

3. Game to Get Over - (featuring Tha Eastsidaz) - Hell yeah, another dope track with their counterparts, The Eastsidaz droppin by for a Doggystyle Records collabo. Battlecat provides a good dark and dreary instrumental to spit over, and The Angels do their part with cat like rhymes. I like Snoop's part, where his voice sounds fucked up and crazy. Tray Dee and Goldie Loc come in and trade the mic between them on and off comin up with some pretty tight rhymes. This song is cool cause The Angels and The Eastsidaz come together for a classic gangsta track. Overall a good song to bump in ya trunk. 4 out of 5.

4. Told You So - (featuring Snoop Dogg) - The head mistress of Doggy's Angels, Big Chan gets to shine solo on this track, along with her mentor Snoop Dogg. Snoop's right hand man in production, Battlecat lays down another hot instrumental for the two. This song has a nice cool vibe to it with Chan shining to her best ability. Snoop's hook is a little weak though, that goes for his verse that he drops too. It has no constant flow to it, Chan's raps are much more impressive here. Again a good track off the album to just sit back and listen to. 4 out of 5.

5. Gangsta In Me - (featuring Latoiya Williams) - I'm sure if y'all picked up The Eastsidaz record then you herd a lil snippet of this particular track in the intro when Dre and Snoop where blowin some chronic. Well, now we get to here the full version in which Toi sings a tight hook. Battlecat once again laces a beat on the album here, it's very simple but off the hook. Damm, The Angels again come through wit some impressive lyrics, here is a line from Kola, "I'm, peepin, creepin, keepin a pistol close by. So if you bitches think I'm slippin when I step you hoes die". Her lyrics just lash out wit speed on this track, Chan and Coniyac also come off nicely. Though overall this is another great song off the record. 4 out of 5.

6. Cold Crush Gangsta - (featuring Lil Goldie Loc and Kokane) - Jelly Roll, the man who produced this track hooked up Coniyac and Kola with Snoop which later resulted into the formation of Doggy's Angels. Anyway Jelly Roll gets one shot here to do his thang and the outcome is a definite hood stomper. I love this track, Goldie Loc catches on fire with his raps makin way for Chan to come in and tear the song up, "I'm the West coast donna, now who want the shells and the muthafuckin drama". Kokane makes his first of many appearances here with his George Clinton esque singing style where he provides a bomb hook. This track is just ghetto like some hot butter toast. Once again another hot song to roll to. 4 out of 5.

7. Pleezbaleevit! - (featuring Snoop Dogg and Layzie Bone) - "God damm, this muthafucking Doggy's Angels record is off the muthafucking meat rack, pleezbaleevit!" LOL, Snoop's quote leads into this bangin track that is one of my favorites off the album. Holy shit, Battlecat displays his dimensions as a producer here. He brings a sound with some West coast funk, a thumpin bass, and then to top it off, elements of some Hawaiian flavor to make it really appealing. It may be one of the most creative and best beats assembled on the album. Bone thugs and Doggy's Angels unite with Layzie Bone comin in strong with his quick like raps making for a good appearance. All 3 Angels shined here, but Snoop blew me the fuck away with his doggystyle like rappin ability coming back to life here. "Keepin it gangsta so that you can always feel it yo, livin the life of a rapper and the CEO. My life ! ! aint changed but that same silly hoe." That's just a small sample of what fire Snoop brought to the table on this track. I straight up love this song, and everything about it. 4.5 out of 5.

8. Angels Make the World Go Round - One time on their own record, Doggy's Angels get to do their thing on there own with out Snoop, or any other guest appearances. Man this is another hot track by The Angels proving that not only do gangsta's make the world go round, but these angels do too. This time, the production comes from Fredwreck, and the outcome is an erie like beat, with booming horns, and high pitched sounds that take control of the track mastered by synthesizers. Chan, Kola, and Coniyac go gangsta to the fullest, bringin hard-core rhymes and a dark tone to the song. "See a young bitch rock that iceberg shit, nice round ass no silicon tits", is a line taken from Chan. Dam, what else could I say, this fuckin record is off the heezy so far, and this is just another blazin song off of it. 4.5 out of 5.

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Re: "Pleezbaleevit!" Remember This Tight Album?  
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9. Yac & Koke - (featuring Snoop Dogg) - Hell yeah, get yo muthafuckin blunts and lighters cause this is one for the house parties to bump at. The hits just keep on comin and they dont stop, here is another phat song, the beat done by Battlecat is crazy, and the hook by Snoop is even crazier. Chan is missing here, but Coniyac and Kola easily make up for it with more hot rhymes. This is probably one of my favorites too, but they all fuckin are. A West coast classic. 4.5 out of 5.

10. Bet I Never Slip - (featuring Suga Free and Snoopy Collins) - "As long as I got me a hoe, I bet I never slip wit my pimpin, pimpin, pimpin, pimpin, pimpin". Suga free is the shiznit, he is the highlight of this whole song with his unique squeaky, but commanding voice. The beat done by Battlecat is another bangin instrumental that goes good with this funky theme. This is a definite pimp anthem that was made to bounce to, the lyrics are again off the hook here. 4 out of 5

11. Bitch N U (skit) - Performed by Mac Minister- Now we come across the first skit on the album where it originated from The Eastsidaz CD. This is good skit, continuing the tradition some what like the WBallz skits which will appear later on.

12. Ridaz Wit Me - (featuring Snoop Dogg and Morticia) - Initially this was the first single, that was somewhat underground. This track shows off the fine points of Doggy's Angels lyrically, "My contributions to the game leave black stains like shots gun blasts from this lyrical out lash". Kola just spits one of the tightest lines off the record. Fredwreck constructs a percussion driven melody with signature West coast sounds added for a dope beat. Morticia, another female MC joins in with Doggy's Angels, she impressed me as well with her raps. Not to mention The Doggfather adding himself on to this song playing the part of a catchy hook. Another amazing song off this hot, hot record. 4 out of 5.

13. Snoopy Pryor (skit) - Performed by Snoop Dogg - Here's another quick skit, it's pretty funny with Snoop just telling some fools not to fuck with his radio.

14. Keep Your Head Up - (featuring Kokane) - Doggy's Angels get deep on this track, it's about the struggles Kola, Chan, and Coniyac had to go through to get this far in life. I love this song, it means a lot, and Kokane just compliments them here. The hook by him is amazing and very meaningful. The beat also blends nicely into the theme of the song which was produced by Marc N The Darc, someone I had never heard of until I came across this song. All three Angels tell great stories here with their raps. Then at the end, Kurupt makes a quick appearance shoutin them out. Just a great track overall. 4 out of 5.

15. Confessions of a Hoodrat (skit) - Performed by Snoop Dogg - The triumphant return of WBallz, 187.4 on ya dial is back. This time Snoop plays the part of DJ Frosty Freeze, it's a funny ass skit.

16. Frontline - (featuring Snoop Dogg) - Meech Wells finally gets chance to make a beat for the album and it's another hot one, Snoop again is on this track with The Angels in the makings for another blazin song. This song is powerful, beat and lyrics wise, The Angels come through once again on fire with their performance. Here's another verse taken from Chan, "And you know what it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have none so I deal with the cards delt." I mean dam, this is another bangin track... the hits just dont stop comin! 4 out of 5.

17. Hoodtraps - (featuring Snoop Dogg and Kokane) - This was originally off the Last Meal promo CD, back then we knew this song as "Heavy On My Mind". Shiiiit, I absolutely love this track, the beat is orchestrated by Meech, it's one of my favorites off the whole album. Snoop just takes this song into his own hands. It doesn't even feel like a Doggy's Angels track, probably because this was originally supposed to be on The Last Meal. Anyway Snoop does a great job rappin about his own enemies, which is what this song is all about, and how he has to keep worrying about them constantly. Kokane is amazing, right when he starts singing in the beginning the whole track just got to me, the hook is incredible too, "It's so heavy on my mind...all
the time, so heavy on my mind-all the time". A really tight song. 4.5 out of 5.

18. Put Your Hands Up - (featuring Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Kokane, King Lou and Ruff Dogg) - At least one track has to have like 10 people just wildin out all at once, well this one had like 8 including The Angels. Besides Snoop and Kokane, Soopafly comes off with a tight ass verse, it's always nice to see Soopafly come around and spit. Couple of up and coming MC's from The California Lost Angels(Battlecat's crew), King Lou and Ruff Dogg come out of nowhere showing off some impressive raps, here's one tight verse, "I didn't get mad, I kicked back ta stack tracks wit Battlecat and then we put dubs on the cadilac". Be on a look out for them in the future as well. Battlecat supplies the beat, it's off the hook as usual. Snoop's hook is mad funky, and Kokane's part afterwards is just crazy. 4 out of 5.

19. Pop Your Collars 2 Dis - (featuring Snoop Dogg) - Finally winding down from all the hotness comin to this last track. Snoop finishes the album off with 14 appearances overall, put there aint nothin wrong wit that. Believe it or not this is my least favorite track off the record and it's still pretty average! This song is all about poppin ya collar, and Battlecat finishes off his work on this record with another dope beat. Kola, Chan, and Coniyac end it all off just like they started, with off the hook rhymes. You shitted on these niggaz Snoop Dogg! LOL. 3.5 out of 5.

        Okay now, this is really a hot record. To be honest, I didn't expect this album to be so damm tight! All the tracks are off the hook, and each is a little different from all the rest. Snoop really found something here, Chan, Kola, and Coniyac got game. They have a nice hard-core edge to them, but they still can maintain that sexiness in their music. Their lyrics are a part of why this record is so dope, you can push the random button and it don't matter which track comes up, they are all tight. Another reason why this album is so bangin is cause of the superior production that Battlecat, Fredwreck, and Meech Wells mainly brought. The beats were definitely west coast, tight, funky and original at the same time. Battlecat contributed 8 amazing beats, and Fredwreck did 4 that were just as tight. Doggy's Angels give women a voice in hard-core hip hop that ! ! was really missing in recent years. Comparing this album to The Eastidaz I would definitely go with Pleezbaleevit! as a better record overall. The rhymes are much more better, the beats are more tighter too. The songs on this record just a flat out better, and more interesting. You found Snoop everywhere on this album, but it was a great way for other cats to buy this album. Anyway this is really a good record, and it should keep my CD player hot intill Xzibit drops. Go cop this album if you haven't yet, it's amazing, basically the whole album is something worth givin a listen too. Im sure after this album sinks in, Doggy's Angels impact will be in a way that we will all feel and like. - Incognito
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Re: "Pleezbaleevit!" Remember This Tight Album?  
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DOPE review homie... im feelin what your sayin... "Pleezbaleevit!" is a mad slept on cd...

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Re: "Pleezbaleevit!" Remember This Tight Album?  
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Giving this album 4.25, compared to "Restless" 4.5 rating, I think is a little strange. Almost offensive towards Xzibit.
But a nice solid review anywayz.
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Re: "Pleezbaleevit!" Remember This Tight Album?  
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Yeah, i thought this album was dope. But i would give i a 4 out of 5.
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