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Suga FBad Azz - Personal Business
« on: March 04, 2002, 07:47:24 AM »
I've alwayz been a huge fan of Bad Azz.  His first solo LP was overlooked and so was his second offering.  When are people gonna give this guy his props, for real.  Cuz Personal Business is fuckin' tight.  Sure it has some commercial type of things on it, but Bad's lyrics make it hard core and gritty.  I'm glad 2 see Bad got down with Snoop's label though.  Now we'll def.  get 2 hear from him all the time.  Here's the review of Personal Business:

1.  Da Birth (Born Bad) Intro - This is Mac Minister, who alwayz appears on a DoggHouse cd giving a little intro 2 who Bad Azz is.  Boring and not worth the time of rating.

2.  U Don't Wanna Be Broke - Dope ass beat!!!!!!!!  My friend who hates WestCoast music loves this song, cuz of the beat.  And you know Bad Azz flow lethal on this one.  This is def.  Bad Azz at his best, and one of the gems on the album.  5/5

3.  Get Yourz Now - This song is slowed down a bit.  And the beat isn't that great.  But Bad spits some shit.  He truely is one of the best on the mic.  The beat grows on you after a couple minutes.  Bad is what holds this song down though.  3.5/5

4.  Ready 2 Bang f/Snoop Dogg - Beat is something that def.  is a trademark of Snoop Dogg.  Just sounds like a beat that would of fit perfectly on Tha Last Meal.  Another phat song.  Bad comes with some wicked lyrics like usual.  Snoop's just on the chrous and sounds alright.  3.5/5

5.  Streetz Illustrated f/Ice Cube - Another bangin' ass beat.  This song gets my hyped up all the time.  I fuckin' love this song.  The chrous is raw and both come deadly on the mic.  Ice Cube gives a surprisingly good performance.  5/5

6.  When Bus Callz f/Busta Rhymes - Just an interlude with Busta on the phone calling Bad Azz.  Nothing special.  No rating.

7.  Personal Business - At first I didn't like this song, but the beat grew on me and now I can listen to it.  Bad's lyrics are dope and on the real, which is what I like.  I hate these rappers that talk about how much money they got, etc. etc.  So Bad's real lyrics are great.  3/5

8.  We From The LBC f/Snoop Dogg - One of my favorites also.  Nice laid back beat.  Snoop sounds phat as hell on this one 2.  I like how they go back and forth with the rhymes.  Tight ass song, something 2 just bob your head and blaze on up 2.  5/5

9.  Too Many Choices f/Lil Beau, Lil Tip - Has a similar beat to that Fredro Starr song on the Save The Last Dance Soundtrack.  Bad gives one of his best verses here.  Not really feeling the other rapper, but Bad holds it 2gether.  And the singer really makes the song.  Another tight track.  4/5

10. How We Get Down f/Doggy's Angels - I love the beat to this song, str8 laid back and makes you bounce.  Bad comes good but Doggy's Angels are garbage as usual, I just don't like the Angels, they don't seem 2 be good on the mic at all.  But the beat makes up 4 them.  4/5

11. 2001 4dr. Cadillac f/Butch Cassidy,  Sylk E Fyne - Title of this song makes no sense at all, cuz no one really mentions a caddy.  But nice laid back beat and Butch is on it, so you know his vocals is phat.  Nice rapping 2.  But there's something missing, I just can't put my finger on it.  Just doesn't sound like everything's there.  Average.  3.5/5

12. Money 2 Fold f/Snoop Dogg, Kurupt - Tight ass beat again.  And all three come with some heat.  All three go back and forth with there verses, similar to the earlier song with Snoop.  TIGHT!!!!!!!!  Its good 2 hear Kurupt 2, cuz Bad Azz reminds me of him, and they flow very good 2gether.  5/5

13. When You See Me  f/KoKane, Snoop Dogg - Average song, beat kinda sux, but RBX and Bad's verses are phat, worth maybe one listen, then just skip it.  Can't stand KoKane, what is Snoop thinking with him????  Oh well  2.5/5

14. Dogghoue Ridaz -f/Suga Free, Snoop Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz - Another average track right here.  Beat is better than When You See Me but just not feeling it.  13 and this one, are clearly the only low points of this album.  2.5/5

15. Don't Wanna Die f/Daz Dillinger - Not when you see that it features Daz, you say, alright Daz probably raps and produces, well that's half true.  Daz unfortunately does not produce this track, but listening to it, you can tell Daz helped Blaqtoven had some help from Daz, cuz it sounds like something Daz would come up with.  Daz flow pretty good, better than when he was younger.  And of course Bad comes correct.  The chrous is phat, just an all around good song, esp.  if you a Daz fan like me.  5/5

16. Life Ain't What It Seems To Be - Bad Azz's lyrics here are str8 heat.  He flows perfect and comes very hardcore.  The beat is average but goes pretty well with Bad's delievery.  Wish the beat was better than this song would be perfect but Bad's verses are worth the listen.  4/5

17. Wrong Idea f/Snoop Dogg, KoKane - Was featured on Tha Last Meal so I'm not sure why its here.  But oh well, I loved it when it was on TLM, so I love it here 2.  What they should of done, was made a remix 2 it and put that on here.  4/5 (Cuz I've heard it b4)

18. W.B.L.O. (Skit) - Just a skit, not worth rating.

19. Life Ain't Hard f/Butch Cassidy - Another laid back track with that cat Butch Cassidy.  Tight track. imo.  Beat is slowed down and Bad's lyrics are tight and flow perfect with the beat.  4.5/5

20. It's On All Day - 2 me this song is slowed down 2 much 4 Bad Azz.  Its a good song but the beat is way 2 slow 4 Bad.  But the content and lyrics are very good here.  3.5/5

Overall this album was one of the best from the west last year.  Only had like 3 wack songs.  Bad Azz covers everything on this one.  He has the ability Pac had to do hardcore songs and also hit you with the soft shit and make it sound tight.  Truely a gem if you a west coast fan, go get this album.  8/10

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Re: Suga FBad Azz - Personal Business
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2002, 04:51:34 PM »
Good review... I think I'll cop this one... peace.
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Re: Suga FBad Azz - Personal Business
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2002, 05:14:09 PM »
I definatley agree it's a tight CD, but I think you gave the poorest ratings to the best songs....."When you see me", "How we get down", "Dogghouse ridaz", "Money 2 fold", and "Ready to bang".....are the best songs on there....what do you mean "What is Snoop thinking with Kokane????  Kokane is what MADE tha last meal so tight!!!
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Re: Suga FBad Azz - Personal Business
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2002, 06:40:55 AM »
Kokane is terrible compared to the people that he is trying to be: Butch Cassidy who is also pretty much a copy of George Clinton.

Anyways plumma23 would you like to write some reviews for my new rap website which is coming soon?

Holla Back if you are interested.
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Re: Suga FBad Azz - Personal Business
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2002, 06:12:50 PM »
Man i dont know whut yur talkin bout, Kokane iz tight az fucc.
I have ta agree with That_Cracka_J Kokane iz whut made the last meal good and interesting.
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Re: Suga FBad Azz - Personal Business
« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2002, 06:19:33 PM »
what do you mean "What is Snoop thinking with Kokane????  Kokane is what MADE tha last meal so tight!!!

LMAO...actually Kokane made the Last Meal a lot worse
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