Author Topic: 10dency #1(If You Could?)  (Read 118 times)


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10dency #1(If You Could?)
« on: May 20, 2004, 01:39:12 PM »
wassup guys,im new here so lemme drop somethin yall tell me what u think....

if you could-
believe in a world where i (exist to be famous)/
officially made it-
would i be diffe-(rent or just same if)/
you could.... believe that i
offiically made it-would i change my attitude
and (risk being hated)/

i dont know-
all i know is im a do the best that i can/
in this life nobodys perfect god made me this man/
cause i dont know!

lyrics to me?-i guess there my subconsience tryna reach the surface/
but im still learnin the controls ,and i cant seem to work it/
if i look deep for purpose in my life all i see is verses/
those closest may say im a looser but atleast im workin/
i aint a child no more ,although im childish-
too- close to dyin in-my sleep like i overdosed on vitamins/
i hold the violence in-snap! so close to silentness/
and i only continue on, to know what triumph is//
but yet-i need ta grow-and witness my self in the mirror again/
and look deep inside my eyes and conquer the fear in it/
im so complex-i dont know myslef like i thought i did/
just the simple you suck can minimize my confidence/
self esteem -okay-i question it though/
im not depressed or alone -i feel like im next on the messengers thrown/
but if i have nothin to say how will i be expected to hold-
the title-
i guess its all for one , but - i worry bout my own
survival/look at me how have i grown to be wise?
i havent, when everyone as old as
me lies/and they deceat me and this worlds suppost to be mine-
and i cant overcome my struggle ,i should hold it inside/
i see my self mature ,only time can tell-im alive and well/ enough
reason for me to always wanna rhyme ya feel?//


right now its my emotions -
prevokin me to approach this life as if im hopeless/
im focused on things i want the most which-
causes stress to my self-and those closest to me/
its like im suppost to do these things to boost my familys
appearance/its crazy -
lately its just a bunch a **** and whos to blame?- me?-/
i aint sayin im a saint just sayin there insane and people
on my own team got me this way/
so i have to-
turn my back and try to touch the gold -but risks loosing at life
and ones i love the most/
cause i know if i come back with money and fame-my family
will all of a sudden love me again/
so am i really losing if they dont trust there seed and give up
on me for persuing a dream?/
i think not but its still a battle to fight-if you have a dream
in your life do what is right-dont always be held down by
other peoples opinions/exceedin the limit-
cause its your life you have every reason to live it//

ayo thats just how i feel right now-
what up homies .chosen ,kritikal,prodigal,
im out *door closes*



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Re:10dency #1(If You Could?)
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2004, 02:43:10 PM »
liked it man, make a hella of a nice audio peice.  Keep droppin.


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Re:10dency #1(If You Could?)
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2004, 12:03:28 AM »
thanks bez,damn no one else can show love??

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Re:10dency #1(If You Could?)
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2004, 12:10:39 AM »
I thought it was dope. For some reason I picture it over the "If I Can't" beat by 50.


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Re:10dency #1(If You Could?)
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2004, 10:09:44 AM »
yea, that was tight 10, u should drop it on a track, let me see, yea, i am feeling that "if i can't" or that red spyda joint, umm... realest killaz. u about to blow 10