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some crazy shit
« on: May 20, 2004, 03:19:18 PM »
the strongest guy in the room isnt
out of my grasp/ill flirt with his girl put my hand down south on her lap/take her in a backroom rip off her blouse and her pants/ put my magic
beans next to her pussy watch the beanstocksprout in her ass/(yeah)
man whats up with our catholic priests?/they cant have wives,so they turn fag with teens/pre teens, toddlers infants am i image-in-ing/
its bad enough i have to go to mass this week/let alone wonder if my ass gets reemed while im fast asleep/
i had ten dollars to my name but now can say good ridance/spent it on a wallet and now have nothin to put in it/(oh geeze)im beatin and so stressed/,hard to swallow ha?,not cause im greiven alone wrecked /its because i was so hungry i attempted eatin my own neck/
im a fat guy so im leavin a slow death/ill be on my death bed emceein with no pep/so im leanin to roped stretched around my asopho-gus,but im already breathin with no neck/
maybe ill be famous im just writin ta see?/if not ill be violent and mean/,crazy enough to shoot fifty cent through the other side of his cheek/
i have a liscence to be,stupid,yall like what a see?
well u aint never seen me and never will like a
bull dike with a weave/yall wanna get bitter
with loud threats/,then my only outlets/ too,rhyme so complex stephan hawkins couldnt figure it out yet/im finished with nerds/ im comin with one syllable words,/dumb,enough to swing newborn babys by there
umbilicull cords//