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CREDITS: Kurious - A Constipated Monkey
« on: May 22, 2004, 09:15:57 AM »
Kurious - A Constipated Monkey
Executive Producers: Pete Nice, Faith Newman, Bobbito Garcia & Dan Kealy

1. Spell It Wit A J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
Produced by The Beatnuts

2. Top Notch w/ Psycho Les
Produced by The Beatnuts

3. I'm Kurious
Produced by Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich
Contains samples of "Mysterious Vibes" by The Black Byrds

4. Uptown Shit
Produced by The Beatnuts

5. Leave Ya' With This
Produced by The SD50's
Contains samples of "Free Soul" by John Klemmer

6. Fresh Out The Box
Produced by The Beatnuts

7. Walk Like A Duck
Produced by The Beatnuts

8. Tear Shit Up
Produced by The Beatnuts

9. Baby Bust It w/ The Grim Reaper
Produced by The SD50's

10. Nikole
Produced by Bosco Money
Contains samples of "Stoned Soul Picnic" by The Fifth Dimension"

11. What's The Real w/ Casual
Produced by The SD50's

12. Jorge Of The Projects
Produced by The SD50's
Contains samples of "Gibraltar" by Stanley Turrentine
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