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SoGridlock'd Soundtrack - Various Deathrow Artists
« on: February 26, 2002, 05:47:36 AM »
This soundtrack was great for me, cuz I am a huge fan of all Death Row material.  Some people didn't like it but I thought it was great, here is the review.

1.  Wanted Dead Or Alive - Snoop Dogg and 2Pac - Song is tight, something a little different from Daz on the beat.  But its always great 2 hear Snoop and Pac on a track 2gether.  There's only one problem with this song, its waaayyyy 2 short. Sounds like it wasn't finished yet.  3.5/5

2.  Sho Shot - Lady Of Rage - Pretty dope track.  Daz puts down a bangin ass head bopping beat.  And Rage flows great.  If only her album had more of these type of songs she might have blown up.  4.5/5

3.  It's Over Now - Danny Boy - Great love song.  Something 2 fucc 2.  Danny Boy had mad talent, Death Row just didn't do anything with it.  Probably my 2 fav. Danny Boy tracks are on this album and this is the 1st. Beat, Lyrics, just great.  5/5

4.  Don't Try To Play Me Homey - Daz Dillinger - Another great beat made by Daz Dillinger.  Lyrics are alright, nothing special, chrous is phat, and hella catchy.  4/5

5.  Never Had A Friend Like Me - 2Pac - One of 2pac's best tracks.  One word can describe this song and its TIGHT!  Lyrics are amazing on this one.  Showed that Pac was one of a kind.  5/5

6.  Why - Nate Dogg - This is a tribute song by Nate Dogg dedicated 2 2pac even though he doesn't say his name.  You can tell he's talking about Pac.  The beat is very very dope and Nate really kicks some great vocals, you can tell Pac meant alot 2 him.    5/5

7.  Out The Moon (Boom, Boom, Boom) - Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Bad Azz, Technique, 2Pac, Tray Dee - Dope Ass beat.  Snoop doesn't rap, just does the chrous.  Song def.  makes you bop your head.  Pac's verse is great, complete with Bad Boy disses, Soopafly also has a great verse.  5/5

8.  I Can't Get Enough - Danny Boy - My complete favorite Danny Boy song.  Beat just suits him in this song.  Great song 2 bump if you in new love with someone.  Makes you want 2 sing along, lol.  4.5/5

9.  Tonight It's On - Not Sure Who Buy (Don't Have Booklet With Me, But its some RnB group) - Decent song, the beat is pretty good.  But the RnB group isn't all that.  Listenable I guess.  3/5

10. Off The Hook - Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson (I believe)- Beat is phat.  Def.  will make you bounce with this song.  Snoop comes off alright, but nothing great.  Good song 2 chill 2.  3.5/5

11. Lady Herion - J-Flexx f/Lady of Rage - One of my fav. on the whole album.  J-Flexx also had mad talent, but didn't seem 2 do anything with it.  The beat is great on this one.  Hard as hell.  I like the concept 2, metaphors and shit are great.  4/5

12. I Will Rize - Storm f/Lady V - This is the only solo track with the female outlaw Storm, who was one of the tightest girl rappers.  This song is the shit, her flow and the stuff she's saying is great.  If you like Storm you'll love this song.  The ending is phat.  4/5

13. Body And Soul - OFTB (I think) - Laid Back song, I'm feeling the beat, but the vocals aren't great.  But the beat is worth a listen 2.  The chrous ain't bad either.  3/5

14. Life Is A Traffic Jam - Medusa and 2Pac - Used in the credits of the movie.  I'm feeling this.  Can't believe 2pac got down with the jazz stuff.  Its phat.  Sounds like Pac is just freestyling but still a great verse from Pac.  4/5

15. Delibration - This song isn't rap, its very wierd, I usually don't listen 2 it.  I think it was used in the movie.  Sounds kinda gospel 2 me, beat is alright though. But does not fit this soundtrack at all.  1/5

Overall this soundtrack was the shit.  Man, DeathRow was on top of the game with all these albums.  They are the best when it comes to solely handling a soundtrack.  8/10
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