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G-TV! ! ! !
« on: February 22, 2002, 05:11:16 PM »
Describe the DVD? "Watch it nigga we movin through, doing everything the fuck that we want to"! Another instalment of the West Coast's finest on DVD! This time it is none other than the No. 1 Dogg Pound Gangsta, Kurupt! This DVD has had me hyped since learning of it's release and believe me it is everything you expect and much much more!

Of course there are the live shows, the 'naked bitches' as Kurupt himself puts it and the funny as hell behind the scenes footage. These are the best parts of the DVD in my opinion. When you get to candidly view the artists in every day situations. Plenty of weed smoke, and plenty of Henney can be found throughout! A nice touch is when we hear Kurupt talking about the first time he smoked weed ... very good story.

So who else you gonna see in the DVD? Well of course his homeboys are all up in this! Check for frequent appearances by Daz Dillinger as well as Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, WC, Bad Azz, Eastsidaz and Tha Alkaholiks. Kurupt's younger brother Roscoe also appears in the DVD and is in two of my favorite parts - the first is a video clip for his track 'Shakee Downnn' which is a bangin' track and the second part is a freestyle battle he has. He rips this cat in amazing style and has everyone in the room spellbound with the lyrics he just spat!

We get to see several live performaces including 'We Can Freak It' as well as 'That's Gangsta Shit' which is a video clip that features WC. The DVD comes with bonus features including an audio commentary that will definatly give the viewer more and more laughs!

Directer Devin DeHaven hasn't ventured too far from the formula that made the Alkaholiks and Xzibit DVD's such great viewing. This is another successfull notch on his belt. Based on all the drama that has gone down with Kuruption this past few weeks, this DVD may be the last time we see him kicking it with the company he keeps throughout G-TV. Hopefully this isn't the case.

Other highlights include when Kurupt and few others go for a spin in mini carts around an enclosed car park - makes for some funny viewing thats for sure. Lets not forget that this comes with a bonus CD as well! There are sample tracks including 'More Bounce' from the Roger Troutman tribute album, samples from the Vapirz album, and the above mentioned track from Roscoe. Kurupt's track 'Now Wut' is also a banger and gets heavy rotation round these parts.

"G-TV" drops nationwide on February 19th and is one hot release! For samples of the DVD visits Fortress DVD. Make sure you pick this one up ... 'Hit The Crowd Up, throwin' Dogg Pound Up, Kurupt Young Gotti Muthafucka Now Wut!?!'
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