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CREDITS: The Substitute
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Record Label: Priority
Release Date: April 1996


01 Hoo Bangin
Performed by Mack 10
Produced by Ice Cube

02 Licorice Stiks
Performed by Intense Method
Produced by Rhythm D

03 Danger
Performed by Road Dawgs
Featuring AllFrumThaI
Produced by Binky

04 Miami Life
Performed by Ras Kass
Produced by Ras Kass & Michael "Flip" Barber

05 Bring It On
Performed by Organized Konfusion
Produced by Organized Konfusion

06 Bang Em Up
Performed by TRU
Featuring Mr. Serv On
Produced by KLC

07 Head Up
Performed by Young Murder Squad
Featuring Sh'Killa
Produced by Prodeje
Co-Produced by Tomie Mundy

08 I Got That Cream
Performed by Master P
Produced by Mo B. Dick

09 Hood Life
Performed by Lil 1/2 Dead
Produced by Tracy S. Kendrick, Courtney "The Commander" Branch and Kenneth "K-Phlx" Manning

10 Money, Power & Women
Performed by G-Spot Geez (ALT & O. Genius)
Produced by Fredwreck Nassar

11 All Of Puerto Rico
Performed by Afro-Rican
Produced by Jay Leopardie
Co-Produced by Afro-Rican

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