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Jadakiss - Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
« on: December 01, 2001, 08:52:31 PM »
Jadakiss - Kiss Tha Game Goodbye

It's been a while since this album dropped, but fuck it, I'm reviewing it anyway, here goes:

01 - Intro - A simple intro with Jada speaking with echoes of the return of Jadakiss
    and the long wait for his album.

02 - Jada's Got A Gun - Dope ass beat provided by Swizz Beatz. Reamke of Aerosmith song
    "Jamie's Got A Gun". Jada speaks mostly
    of his guns and weapons and comes out tight lyrically, ill punchlines with a mad
    ass flow. Tight hook sung by E.McCaine.
    Dope shit. Great opening song.  4/5

03 - Show Discipline feat. Nas - Gangsta bass guitar beat prodvided by Mahogany suited
    perfectly for Jada & Nas to flow on, Jada comes out so-so but Nas kills the mic,
    damn! "Show disclipline, nigga!" I can't wait for Stillmatic. 4/5

04 - Knock Yourself Out - Trademark Neptunes beat. It is a good instrumenal, but they
    are getting monotone with the same sound we find in every Neptunes production.
    It's girl song like "Girls Girls Girls" Compared to that one "Knock Yourself Out" is
    the better one, but Jada showcases only average lyrical skills. Hook by Pharell. 3/5

05 - We Gonna Make It feat. Styles - Beautiful violins on this one. Alchemist produced
    this very dope beat, "stolen" from Ras Kass. Both Jada & Lox partner Styles come
    out tight here. An almost perfect song. "We Gonna Make It" basically about making
    it in the hood. 4.5/5

06 - None Of Y'all Betta feat. Styles & Sheek (The LOX) - The definition of gangsta.
    Hard ass gangsta beat by the god Premier. A shitload of punchlines and they all flow
    like fuck with tight lyrics. Their message is simply "Don't Fuck With Us"
    Check out Jada:

"You god, minus the 12 disciples I pop up, all you see is shells and rifles"
Perfect. Ain't no better than The Lox. 5/5

07 - Stick Yourself (skit) - Funny skit about record company pimpin.

08 - I'ma Gangsta feat. Parle - The first wack song. Really average pop beat by P.K. and Kiss deliver average lyrics, albeit a few punchlines:

"fuck with Kiss get your
wig rocked and if you're smart you'll bounce when my motherfuckin shit drop"

Really ordinary song. The hook by Parle is plain stupid. No gangsta track. 2.5/5

09 - Nasty Girl feat. Carl Thomas- FUCK! Another mainstream pop theme. Produced by
    Timbaland, but really wack song. 2/5

10 - Put Ya Hands Up - First single off this album. Really tight lyrics from Jadakiss
    here, mad parody on Jay-Z's version, "Uh uh come on put ya hands up
    Nah, fuck that put ya hands down!" LOL. One of those songs you enjoy for the lyrics.
    Plain beat by onknown producer Wayne-O. 3.5/5

11 - Jay Jerkin' (skit) - Skit about artist raping in the industry.

12 - On My Way - Third bitch song on this album. Swizz Beatz provides hook & beat. Really
    good song to get the club poppin', good beat, decent lyrics, but really not what we
    should expect from Jadakiss. 3/5

13 - Cruisin' feat. Snoop Dogg - Really catchy, classy piano loop by DJ Shok. Snoop
    rapped a wack verse, I'm getting worried. They rap about their usual gangsta
    lifestyle: Cars, bitches, drinkin', pimpin'. Great lyrics from Jada. 3.5/5

14 - Kiss Is Spittin' feat. Nate Dogg - Complete blueprint copy of Warren G & Nate's
    "Regulate", that fucked me up bad. Great flow and lyrics from Jada, but a
    surprisingly below-average hook by Nate Dogg. Dope remake tho'. 3.5/5

15 - Fuckin' Or What - This is how a bitch song should be! In real "fuck a bitch"
    fashion, Jada speaks of his fuckin' experinces and his opinion on women.
    Check him out:

    "Please don't hit me with the two worse lines
    How you don't be doing this or this is your first time
    Listen we all grown bitch you came here on your own bitch
    I leave them lawsuits alone bitch"

    Good beat by Swizz Beatz, good lyrics, but I really ain't trying to hear about
    Jada's sexual fantasies. 4/5

16 - It's Time I See You feat. Cross, Drag-On, Eve, Infa-Red, Sheek, Styles
    Double R posse cut ironically produced by Roc-A-Fella producer Just Blaze.
    Really fly beat. Most of these RR recruit are hardly more than average, like
    Cross, Infa-Red and Drag-On. Check out outtakes of Drag's wack verse:

"y'all get on
Hot 97 and, talk wit a baritone, wit two niggas downstairs wit ?licensed guns? to take
y'all home for no cake, and y'all can get at us on Labor Day we make stones that say
? your moms labor day I'm in the hood so we can link up, any place you think of
handheld don't hold prints plus I burnt the tip of my fingers" LMAO...
    For real, The LOX & Eve come out alright, but Eve says
"Yo, ay suck my dick bitch"
    LOL LOL... "Dogghouse In Your Mouth" is posse cut of the year though. 3/5

17 - What You Ride For? feat. Fiend, Yung Wun, Eightball - Ill beat by Fiend with
    fiendin' keys. This could have been a dope street anthem if some dope lyricists
    had joined Jadakiss. Everyone come out average here, even Jada. Yung Wun sadly have
    no talent. The beat makes this song. 3/5

18 - Un-Hunh! feat. DMX - The song of the album next to "None Of Y'all Betta" Both
    Jada & X flow like crazy here with punchlines hard as stone. Jada drops some
    of his best lyrics here, DMX don't, but trust me, you don't give a fuck after
    hearing this. Jada disses Beanie Sigel:

"I'll give you a reason why I'm the truth for
real Niggas can't fuck with Kiss, I mean that Had to stop eating red meat cause I ate
too many Beanie-Macs I'm not one of them niggas and since you so richeous
Don't make me send your ass to Allah quicker Niggas gas you to force your hand
Realistically you just a worker and your boss is my man".

Eminem & Jay-Z is also
    probably dissed here. The beat is hard and gangsta as fuck, by Rated R & Mas. 4.5/5

19 - Feel Me (skit) - The realest song on this album. Jada spits out his blueprint in
    40 bars. Another awesome instrumental by The Alchemist, and deep lyrics. Finally
    a song with real identity after 17 songs with bitches, money and gangsta shit.

20 - Keep Ya Hands Up feat. Ann Nesby - Another deep song.
    Keep your head up in the ghetto as Jada spits about the hustles and struggles in the
    hood. Really deep introspective lyrics, another dope beat, by Mahogany. Gospel hook
    by Ann Nesby. Great deep song. 3.5/5

21 - Charge It - Funny outro. Performed by Jadakiss, Chep & Geb.

A must have for hip-hop fans. Jadakiss' solo debut album is an exellent one. Three
classic songs, "We Gonna Make It", "None Of Y'all Betta" & "Un-Hunh!". The rest is great
material, if it's a bad thing about this about this album, it's the many guest
appearances. I wanted to hear more of JADAKISS, but hell, great album, apart from a two
really wack ones like "I'ma Gangsta" & "Nasty Girl". One of 2001's finest. 8/10
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Re: Jadakiss - Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2001, 06:42:54 AM »
good review...i just picked up this cd a couple weeks ago...i think the album is tight, and basically all the songs you don't feel are the same as mine...props, peace.
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Re: Jadakiss - Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2002, 07:51:48 AM »
Upping... comments welcome. Thanks to AlerG.
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Re: Jadakiss - Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2002, 02:20:56 PM »
I've heard these:

02 - Jada's Got A Gun - Agree
03 - Show Discipline feat. Nas - 3.5 of 5
04 - Knock Yourself Out - Agree
05 - We Gonna Make It feat. Styles - 4 of 5

09 - Nasty Girl feat. Carl Thomas- 2.5 of 5

10 - Put Ya Hands Up - Agree

13 - Cruisin' feat. Snoop Dogg - 4 of 5
14 - Kiss Is Spittin' feat. Nate Dogg - Agree

18 - Un-Hunh! feat. DMX - 3.5 of 5

Close calls on all the tracks that I have heard. Good review.
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