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« on: January 21, 2002, 05:27:40 AM »
DAMIZZA presents… Where I Wanna Be (The Compilation) 2000

By purchasing this CD I discovered three important things:
a)      The song Where I Wanna Be wasn’t produced by Damizza, but by KayGee from Naughty By Nature
b)      Damizza is still a wonderful producer, he sounds a lot like Soopafly on dat Whoopty Woop but uses handclaps like ‘Cat
c)      Damizza is WHITE!

1.      Uncle Carmine’s BDS (interlude) – 0,00
2.      Where I Wanna Be – Shade Sheist feat. Nate Dogg & Kurupt – Yall heard this song, classic West Coast sunshine stuff. Shade’s voice is so peaceful and Nate sings so smoothly you cant help laying back on a couch closing ya eyes and enjoying this masterpiece. Kurupt sounds like a ghost now (I don’t take him as a living person no more) – 5,0
3.      Bling Diamante (interlude) – 0,00
4.      Is It Me? – Damon Sharpe feat. Krayzie Bone – The production is nice, but when you hear the vocals…. Fuck it, some N Sync impersonator. Krayzie doesn’t save it at all – 1,0
5.      If You Were Mine – Shade Sheist feat. Tatum Tots (female singer) – A nice song, really cant hate it. Fa sho, alotta Cali producers should take some lessons from Damizza, he delivers heat. Shade doesn’t disappoint at all. – 4,0
6.      Have A Nice Day – Caz feat. Shade Sheist & Damizza – This track is a banger. Caz is a black rapper who uses electric guitar, the drums are fast, so what u get is a fire blast in fact. The guys act all crazy on the mic. A Limp Bizkit fan will love this track. – 3,5
7.      Life Ain’t A Game – Ja Rule – Ja shittin over a Depeche Mode loop, this song should get heavy rotation in a hiphopper’s hell. – 2,0
8.      Let Me Do My Thang – Damon Sharpe – Backstreet Boy strikes back. Pure garbage – 1,0
9.      Used To – TQ – A Second Coming leftover. A nice song, TQ just lays down some rhymes but he actually sings them, so it’s all good. – 3,5
10.      Lord What Have I Done? – Krayzie & Layzie Bone feat. Shade Sheist – This song would be a perfect track for Thug Mentality 1999. Damizza just caught the Bone vibe here, and the Bone Thugs replied with dope rhymes. btw they say Fuck Tha Police! about 40 times in this song. Shade Sheist adds his remarkable voice once more. On this CD he’s untouchable. – 4,0
11.      Get Ur Head Out Ur Ass Playboy – Shade Sheist – I tried to hate on this bcuz its produced by J Dupree, but I cant. This song sounds really good, if Mannie Fresh would suddenly become a dope producer he would sound like this. Shade tries to sound hard, and it’s a nice try. – 4,0
12.      Bounce – Shade Sheist feat. TQ – This song is produced by Warren G, so what do you expect. Cali sunshine, chronic in the air…. A beautiful track. – 4,5

Don’t EVER buy this piece of shit! Got some good songs here, but Damon Sharpe and Ja Rule spoil EVERYTHING!!! Just download the good songs I mentioned. 3,5 outta 10
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