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Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food
« on: November 24, 2001, 01:09:34 AM »
Intro - Your Avergae Intro...The Whole Welcome Stuff, Nothing Important For The Whole 18 Seconds It Lasts.

Dogg Pound Gangstaz - A Great Song, When You Hear This As The First Song You Know Your In For A Good Time Here. Just Kurupt & Daz Dillinger Rhyming Here...With That Cool Hook - A Dogg Pound Gangsta (DPG) I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta (DPG) Straight Dogg Pound Gangsta. Yeah Bitch That Shit Is Tight...The Song Ends With W-Balls Skit. Though Its One Of Those Skits You Wanna Listen To, Pretty Fun. 4.5 Ws.

Respect - Start Off Is Just Dr Dre Talking The Usual Shit About G's Etc. The First 2 Verses Are Okay, But I Dont Really Feel Them, You Have To Wait Until Kurupts Last Verse To Feel The Song...I Think The Problem With This Song Is That It Has Too Many Artist On..Yeah I Know, Sounds Strange But Really, I Have Truble With Actually Feeling This Shit...Oh Well Could Be Worse. Still Some Good Producing By Daz Dillinger (But They Aint Really Bad Producing By That Nigga Daz). Give This Song A 3,8 Ws. I Have Real Trouble Gettin Used To It.

New York, New York - This Song Is Probs My Fave From The Album, The Track Is Bouncin, What More Could You Ask For....Snoop On The Chrous, Kurupt Spitting Them Verses, And Daz Doing The Producing. A Snippet From Kurupts Verse- Tonight's the night for me to rip microphones// Into bits and pieces lyrical telekinesis// Gets me into verbally vindictive// Violent vocabulary bobs to existance// I Dont Know What You Like Lyrically But To Me This Shit Cannot Be Beaten...The Song Is To Dope. A Muthafuckin Westcoast
Classic Song - 5 Ws Bitches.

Smooth - Until The Tick Tock, And Dont Stop Shit....What The Fuck...This Shit Is Tight, Snoop Spits The First verse Amazingly...Then Val Young (The Same Person WHos On To Live An Die In LA) Does The Chorus, With Some Dope Lyrics By Kurupt Up Next It Makes This Song Nearly A Classic....But Just Not There. Another DJ Pooh Produced Song, Which Is A Producer Who I Didnt Really Know That Much About And Didnt Have That Much Respect For, He Showed Me A New Light. AnywayThe Song Finishes Up With Another W-Ballz Skit At The End....Probable A 4.5 Ws.

Cyco-Lic-No (Bitch Ass Niggaz) - Just Really Your Avergae Song...Another Funky One. Mr Malik And Snoop Feature Alongside Kurupt And Daz. A Good Song To Listen To, I Would Never Skip It, To Good For That. I Like The verse Mr Malik Spits On The End. The Songs Worth A 4 Ws.

Ridin, Slipin & Slidin - Next Up, What A Song, The Beat By Daz Is To Tight To Pass By, Thats What Really Makes Me Feel This Song, Not Only The Producing Is Good That He Does The Verses He Does Come Up Tops...Maybe Not Lyrically But They Fit The Beat. Then You Got Mz South Sentral (Who??) Who Does The Chrous Which I Ainr Really Feeling, The Only Bit Of The Song, If They Had Got Snoop To Do It Then This Shit Could Have Been Classic. Kurupts Spits The Last verse Again And Comes Up Tight, Its Is Real Dope Song, I Would Give It A 4.6 Ws.

Big Pimin 2 - The Shit Is Written And Performed,.Well If Performed Is What You Wanna Call It, By Big Pimpin, Wonder If He Came Up With The Name Of The Song..Anyway Jus A Skit, Not Worth Rarting Some Dude Talking About Whores.

Lets Play House - This Is The Song Michell'e Features On But She Does Do The Vocals Until Kurupts Spits First. Now The Producing On This Song Sound So Like A Dr Dre Beat, Its Just Got The Shit That Dre Produces All Over It But Apparently No, Another Daz Produced Song. Well If Dre Didnt Help With The Producing Of This Then God What Has Happened To Me. And Yay Nate Dogg Makes A Very Short Apperance, The First On The Album. Let's play house, let's play house, let's play houuuusseeee Let's play housssse, let's play houssse - Nate Dogg, Damn Nate Gets Me To Excited..He Doesnt Have To Even Feature But Damn. Probs A 4,8 Ws.

I Dont Like To Dream About Gettin Paid - Well Yay Again, Nates Back...Woo. Daz Spits verse..And Then Nate Drops A Dope Chorus, With Some Woman In The Background. After That Krupt And Nate Do A Joint Verse, And Its Very Good. Snoop Helped Write This Song But Dont Perform With Them. Dont Really Know Why, It Would Make The Song If Snoop Was There. The Thing About This Song Is The Beat.. Daz Didnt Do A Real Good Job As He Has On The Other Tracks. Probs Jus A 4 Ws For This, Even Tho Nate Deezy Is In There

Do What I Feel - One Of The Shorter Songs At 3 Mins 30 Secs. Well Lady Of Rage From The 'Old Chronic Days Makes A Nice Apperance Here, Not Before Kurpt And Daz Dillinger Spit...Which On This Song, I Hate To Say I Dont Really Like Either Of Them. I got a pocket full of papers and a trunk full of beat Mashin all through the streets rollin wit some heat I'm heated, repeat it, day after day Daily survival tactics in L.A. I'm on point and alert - Kurupt, I Just Really Cant Find Shit Like This Entertaining. Lady Of Rage Shines Though. A 3.7 Ws For This, ANd Im Been Kind.

If We All Fucc - Yeah, A Ho Fucking, Heading Giving Song. I Kinda Like This Shit. Snoop, Daz Dillinger & Kurupt Dont Really Come Tight MCing, Its Just A Good Song To..Fu...I Mean Chill To. Just Another One Of The Album Songs, That Are Pretty Average Not Amazing..But Deserves To Be On The Album. Plus Snoop Make Me Laugh On This Shit. Just A Avergae 3 Ws For This.

Some Bomb Azz Pussy - Hate The Start Of This Song. I Dont Like Listening To Some Mumbling And Fucking At The Start Of A Song, Get Straight Into The Actually Verses And It Can Be Saved, Snoop, Daz & Kurupt All Spit, With Some Help From Big C-Style & Joe Cool (What A Funny Name). The Guitar Shit Souns Outta Place, The Same Amount OF Ws As If We All Fucc, 3.

A Doggz Day Afternoon - No Shit On This Track. Daz & Kurupt Produce The MCing With Nate Dogg On Vocals. And Ofcourse Daz Dillinger Producing This Tight Song. What More Do You Want. Plus Kurupt Spits Better: DPG-eliminates the whole area beyond the thought dismemberin Motherfuck surrenderin.Who,what,when,let's tear shit the fuck up The homies coolin while you an' ya chest get fuckin blue an' Provoke us,survey with the superior focus I'm that nigga like Daz,crooked as scoliosis S'impossible to survive on my arrival when I arrive It's left to ya instict of survival -Kurupt. Nice Song, Give It A 4.2 Ws.

Reality - Whos The Bitch On This Song...Fuck Tray Deee. J/k Man. This Shit Is Tight Becuase Of Him. Like Once Again Kurupt And Daz Spit Some Tight Shit..But The Beats Got Some God Damn Dodgy Shit In The Background And It Hypnotizes Me And I Only Get To Listen To The Beat, Cos Im Mezmorized. Oh And You'll Never Guess Who produced This Shit, Yeah You Got It Right, It Was Swizz Beats...Nah Only Messing Homie. Daz Dillinger. This Gets A 4.5 Ws For Dazs Effort And Tray Dee. By The Way I Quite Like The Chorus.

One By One - I'll Just Keep Things Nice And Short Here. Daz And Kurupt Come DOPE. Amen,...Plus I Like The Beat, Another 4.5. Though It Is A Real Good Song, It Dont Sound Like Dr Dre Unlike The Rest Of The Songs, Even Though Its Daz Producing.

Soo Much Style - This Is The Ender, And A Banger. Just Daz And Kurupt On The Track, And Not Just Daz Producing, Kurupt This Time. Well According To The Un Re Mastered version....If You Bought The One DR Got There Hands All Over After Then I Suggest You Ignore The Soopafly And Overdoes Bit In The Productions Credits. Overdose Just Did The Drumming. Anyway A Good Song With A Tight Verse At The Start. A 4.6 Ws . I'm Kind.
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Re: Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food
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I give dogg pound gangstaz a 5/5,  my favorite song on this album,  i give some bomb azz pussy a 4/5,  i remembered tha first time i heard this song an when snoop busted a nut,  i laughed my ass off at how he sounded,  imma go listen to this CD now
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Re: Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food
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classic album in my opinion, no fillers and i would give dogg pound gangstaz a 5/5 ..second favourite song on the album  
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Re: Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food
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My favorite song is "New York, New York". Kurupt lyrically destroys that track and Daz could have been a super-producer if he stuck to that formula of production.
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