Author Topic: shyne 6.4.04 interview. all brooklyn super group : Jay Z, Shyne, Foxy Brown !!  (Read 209 times)

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 Though Shyne's still-untitled Def Jam debut will be released on 8-10-04 (for the record, if anyone knows how to market an LP from an emcee serving time its Def Jam, as they released two Slick Rick LP's while he was incarcerated) he made a rare call to NY's Hot 97 on 6-4 and spoke publicly for the first time since going to prison in 2001. Among the revelations disclosed to Angie Martinez is that Shyne thinks there is a good chance he will be freed from prison in early 2005 and that Jay-Z has reached out to express interest in forming an all-Brooklyn super group consisting of Jay-Z, Shyne and Foxy Brown. Shyne also mentioned calling back in before his sophomore title was released and in his words to" put his heart on his sleeve" when discussing his situation with Puff and his efforts in seeking a new trail. - Matt Conaway
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im not waiting for this...

Leggy Hendrix

i dont really get the excitement surrounding Shyne...the guy is seriously overrated, i reckon people only check for him cos he has a deep voice a la B.I.G.

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Foxy Brown, Jay-Z and Shyne a super group?

I don't think so.

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Shyne-dope,Foxy Brown-cool,Jay-Z-wack


Shyne-dope,Foxy Brown-cool,Jay-Z-wack


Foxy is the female ripoff version of Jay-Z.
Jay-Z used to write her rhymes, and when Jay-Z stopped and told her to find her own style, she got mad, and suddenly started biting Jay-Z lines and re-writing infamous Jigga quotes.