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Plug It Records Present Paris - New York - Marseille: Rap a Cite

1. Tremendous by Mama Mystique, Q-Ball & Curt Cazal
Produced by Curt Cazal

2. Langues de pute by Faf Larage & Sista Mickie
Produced by Faf Larage

3. American Dream by Children Of The Corn (Mase, Big L etc.)
Produced by Children Of The Corn

4. Mon pote et moi by Different Teep & Dany Dan
Produced by DJ Mehdi

5. Foundation by Big Jaz, Jay-Z, Sauce Money & Tone Hooker
Produced Kieran Walsh & Big Jaz

6. Less' du neuf by Famille et Cash
Produced by DJ <<OL>>

7. Hardcore Hip Hop (DJ Premier Remix) by Rawcotiks
Produced by ES
Remixed by DJ Premier

8. Le nomade du Mic by Karim Le Roi
Produced by Faf Larage & Karim Le Roi

9. Je presente by Le Sabre
Produced by Le Fromage Productions

10. 50'000 Heads by Sadat X & R.A. The Rugged Man
Produced by Dirtman & Sadat X

11.Un oeil sur l'objectif by Kohndo
Produced by Arsenal Records

12. Visions by Govna Mattic
Produced by Brick Mob Sound

13. Le Nesbi by Le Peril Noir
Produced by Ludovic Bors

14. La Misere by Tony
Produced by SDW

15. Waitin' by Big Jaz
Produced by Kieran Walsh & Big Jaz