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Kid Frost - Hispanic Causing Panic
« on: November 13, 2001, 09:33:17 AM »

1. La Raza - This song is definitely one of the best Hip Hop tracks ever. The way Tony G. flipped that El Chicano "Viva Tirado" sample is fucking amazing. The beat is just unbelievable. Frost spits his ill verses mixing Spanish and English words which brought something new to Hip Hop's mainstream although Mellow Man Ace did it at about the same time on "Mentirosa". Frost's flow and voice are really smooth in this song. The saxophone that plays during the chorus just tops off this CLASSIC joint. The bassline at the beginning sets up the song so well. Damn I love this track! [5/5]

2. Hold Your Own - On this track Frost comes harder with his flow. The beat is fast and has a dope bassline that matches Frost's flow perfectly. The chorus is just some scratches with Frost repeating "Hold Your Own" and it has a trippy sound in the background which I can't explain. At the end of the track it goes into a heartbeat type of beat while that trippy sound repeats itself. FUCK! I can't explain the instrument of that sound. Oh well! ;D [4/5]

3. Straight To The Bank - This song has an ill beat that sounds like some funky robotic shit and Frost's flow reminds me of a young LL Cool J. The chorus once again is just some scratches with Flavor Flav's famous line "Yeeeaaah Booyeee!". [4/5]

4. Come Together - Frost comes dope as hell again on this track. The beat is similar to a breakbeat/freestyle music beat with some futuristic keys in the background. Frost uses the same laid back flow he used on the CLASSIC "La Raza". This is a real positive song. At the end of the track there is some crazy scratching mixed with an electric guitar that sounds incredible and it is a great way to end this dope track. [4.5/5]

5. Smoke - The beat to this song sounds like some old classic Rock shit mixed with some Hip Hop beats. Frost comes hard boasting his mic skills and as the title suggests he mentions "Smoke" here and there. The Latin drums at the end of the song are real dope. There is no real chorus on this track instead Frost just spits for four minutes. [4/5]

6. Ya Estuvo - This is a dope ass fun track. The beat is on a Salsa/Merengue tip which fits the song perfectly. Frost spits his verses in Spanish and English seperately. After each verse their is a brother criticizing Frost for rapping in Spanish and challenges him to keep switching his styles throughout the track to Spanish or English. Their isn't really a chorus but after every verse Frost yells "Ya Estuvo" which means "That's It/It's Over" [The Latin homies on the board can confirm that translation]. The chorus also has an ill harmonica in the background and some dope keys. At the beginning the brother says "Ya Estuvo? No you're stupid!" because "Ya Estuvo" sounds like "Ya Stupid" LOL! [4.5/5]

7. Homicide - Frost reminds me of Ice-T on this track due to the song topic and his voice which is comparable to Iceberg's. The beat is fast paced which reminds me of something The Bomb Squad would produce with an ill bassline. The chorus is Frost repeating "Homicide on the murder scene" with some Latin drums and a guitar loop. [4/5]

8. Hispanic Causing Panic - The title track is another of my favorites from this album. Frost comes hard again with a flow similar to LL Cool J's on "I'm Bad". The beat is fast paced which matches the title of the track. The chorus of the song is scratches saying "Mexican" and at the end there is that famous old school repeating chant "Go, Go!". [4/5]

9. In The City - The song starts off with a skit where a drive-by occurs. The actual song then begins with a dope piano loop but then it fades as some horns come in. The piano loop does come back in the chorus. Frost comes with that same hard flow which suits the track but I prefer him with his laid back smooth flow. [4/5]

10. La Raza (Cantina Mix) - A mix of the CLASSIC track. The mix is pretty much the same. Just refer to the original to understand how much I love the track. The only difference is that they emphasize the drums more and that the saxophone goes on longer at the end. [5/5]

Overall: 4.5/5

In 1990 there were three albums that I played until my ears bled. Those albums were MC Hammer "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em", Ice Cube "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted", and Kid Frost "Hispanic Causing Panic". Frost's debut album made me a long term fan and buy every album he put out until just recently. This album brought something new to Hip Hop with it's mix of Latin music, Spanglish lyrics, and street tales. When "La Raza" dropped I don't know one person in Los Angeles that was not bumping that shit. It didn't matter if they were Latin, Black, Asian, or White because that song got so much play on the radio that everyone loved it. Not only that, the song is just infectious. I remember driving with my older brother bumping this track thinking I was some hard ass motherfucker LOL! I was only nine years old. LOL! This album is definitely slept on IMO and I think it is one of the best old school West Coast rap albums ever. The only fault I find in the album is that Frost didn't use his laidback flow that much although on later albums he uses it on every track. Kid Frost is a pionneer not just for Latin MC's but for the West as well. Much respect Frost!


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Re: Kid Frost - Hispanic Causing Panic
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2001, 03:58:49 PM »
Ya I know.........Ive been bumpin La Raza 4 AGES.........It's an undeground classic 4 sure........

By tha way, has anyone heard dat song dat goes like "My Fetia, my snick snack fetia" Or some shit like dat..........I dunno who its by, I think it might be Latino Velvet..........Anywayz, dat song is VERY dope 2 bump too.........
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