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Re: THE WASH Soundtrack FULL REVIEW (no bullshit)
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Here's my review...

1.  On The Blvd - Pictured this as a better song hearing everyone hyping this as a Dre beat.  Once I heard I knew this was NOT a Dr. Dre beat.  He doesn't flip it like that.  Either Battlecat or Jelly Roll.  It was Jelly Roll, and he comes up with one of his dopest beats yet.  Best part is by Kokane (If it's him) when he goes, "Rock on/Rock on/Keep Rollin On/On the blvd."  Beat is very g-funk, and Snoop and Dre trade rhymes nicley.  4/5

2.  Benefit Of The Dout - A nice concrete piano/bass loop sprinkled with some nice keys that is composed by Mel-Man.  PERFECT for Truth and her singin style.  This is just a small taste of the women's talent.  Another Aftermath artist, Shaunta contributes a nice verse.  The two go good together.  3.5/5

3.  Blow My Buzz - Sountracks do this stuff to fill up space.  This D-12 song was off of "Devil's Night."  A good song but I can't count it since it wasn't originally made for "The Wash."

4.  Bring 2 - Man, I still have a hangover from his last album.  Another dope neo-soul Bilal joint.  My fav part is when he moans this verse..."Cause they freaks and/They did it/Befoooooore."  I love that part.  4.5/5

5.  Bad Intentions - The song grew on me.  You can tell Dre had something to do with the beat...violins, and his trademark atmospheric noises.  The drums aren't his, I think Mahogany did those.  Anyway...short song, but Knoc's hook is ILL.  He is THE HOOK MASTER.  4/5

6.  Get Fucked Up With Me - Laid back song with Xzibit coughing up weed smoke between verses.  Good chorus...seems like X freestyles this whole song.  3.5/5

7.  My High - A filler song.  Though I'm feelin it.  Chrous is dope aswell as the beat.  Don't know who this guy is, but a good song.  4/5

8.  Holla - Another song that was meant for another album, in this case "Genesis."  It appears here first so I'll grade it.  The horns, and drums are similar to the ones in, "B Please."  Very tight with all the way through.  Busta's raps are great and so is the Truth Hurts chorus.  4.5/5

9.  Bubba Talk - Another filler.  Song is on Bubba Sparxxx's debut LP.  Haven't even peeped this song really.  But hey, Scott Storch plays keys for Timbo on this song.  LoL

10.  Good Lovin - A freaked out track with Shaunta singing-rapping over this extremly tight Hi-tek joint.  I'm feelin this chick.  Great hook.  4/5

11.  Riding High - Wow, another filler.  I like this filler, Dre picks good ones.  This is a pimped out WC joint with a dope beat.  I'm feelin R.C.'s hook.  Good rhymes by Daks.  4.5/5

12.  Gotta Get Dis Money - Soopafly does his thing.  Spitting game over one of his own hardcore G-Funk beats.  Like this song.  3.5/5

13.  Don't Talk - A filler track that is bad.  Haven't really played this joint at all.  2/5

14.  Everytime - All I gotta say is:  God Dam.  Latoiya is on fire.  First "Ballad Of Jimmy Bones" and now this song.  Soopafly and her were made to make music together.  He brings out the best in her.  The beat is magnificent and so is Toi's harmonious vocals.  4.5/5

15.  Str8 West Coast - Too bad this song is so short.  One of the best tracks on this record.  Dre incorporates about 5 different key tones for this track.  It's just crazy.  Knoc comes tight again, and does it again with the hook.  4.5/5

16.  No - Joe Beat reps PA's The Hill projects just as his Aftermath homie Mel-Man does.  Mel hooks up the powerfull horn blowing track mixed in with some errie extra's to make it up to 2001 standards.  Looks like Dre has recruited someone knew and he decided to give Joe Beast a shot on this album.  Lyrics are average for the most part...gotta hear more from the MC though.  3.5/5

17.  The Wash - The 2nd coming of, "Nuthin But A 'G" Thang."  It's like the song got renovated for 2001.  A classic Dre beat, with the classic duo of Snoop and Dre spitting classic WC rhymes.  All turing out to be a classic song.  A short one, but it makes the cut ya'll...incredible.  Prolly the last time we will hear Dre do G-Funk.  

Wrap Up:  Good sountrack, but has way too many fillers due to the release date being pushed up.  Not Dre's fault though.  I'm happy with the album.



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Re: THE WASH Soundtrack FULL REVIEW (no bullshit)
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i ain't feeling str8 westcoast at all

the wash and on the blvd is dope as fuck

bad intention is tight as fuck

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