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nathaniel merriweather presents...lovage
« on: November 09, 2001, 01:59:14 PM »
here's a review for automator's new lp, music to make love to your old lady by

1. Ladies Love Chest Rockwell: humorous introduction spoken by prince paul, a.k.a chest rockwell from handsome boy modeling school. "you can try given her some weed, shoot, you might even have tried ecstasy, but ain't no sheer ecstacy till you try music to make love to your old lady by."
2. Pit Stop (take me home) - decent song here, some might find the corny singing funny, some might not - 3/5
3. anger management - if i'm not mistaken i believe this song is about this guy complaining about his sex life... -2.5/5
4. everyone has a summer - nice music here, samples are good - 4/5
5. to catch a thief - this is what i'm talkin about, automator lies down a nice instrumental, and the singer comes off nice - 4.5/5
6. lies and alibis - nice instrumental... -4/5
7. herbs, good hygiene and socks (skit) - afrika bambataa is straight up hilarious here.
8. book of the month - definitley one of them songs to get ya thang on - 3/5
9. lifeboat - nice instrumental here, i actually like the duet here between the singers, the guitar that comes in during the chorus is nice to - 4.5/5
10. strangers on a train - more good shit - 4/5
11. lovage (love that lovage, baby) - skit
12. sex (i'm a) - at first i was like what the fuck? but this song gets catchy after a while, straight sex talk - 3.5/5
13. koala's lament - kid koala from the deltron project does alot of scratching on this album, this song being one of them. not bad, not great - 3.5/5
14. tea time with maseo (skit) - more hilarious shit, this time from Maseo from de La.
15. stroker ace - for some reason, i feel like this would be the first single. overall nice instrumental with some stabbing horns during ths chorus. for some reason i think damon albarn is singing on this song... it has that oooOOOOooo line during the chorus that sounds like something from the gorillaz - 4/5
16. archie and veronica - pretty good instrumental, with another duet - 3.5/5

overall about 3.5 mics, this and the gorillaz album are sub par compared to octagon , deltron, and handsome boy modeling school. automator gives us some goodies on here nontheless. i guess if ya sexin' than this is the right music to get you in the mood... but sorry rockwell this ain't barry white
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