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Hey y'all, I got my latest review, and I decided to post it here to for some feedback:


1.  Birth Of Jimmy Bones - (Snoop Dogg) -  Spoken intro by Snoop over a nice laid back Fredwreck beat.

2.  Legend Of Jimmy Bones - (RBX, Snoop Dogg & MC Ren) -  Fittin the mold of this movie perfectly, "Legend Of Jimmy Bones" is a dark, grave yard tailored beat crafted by the now immortal Fredwreck.  Two O.G.'s comin back from the dead, RBX and Ren, spit some murderous lyrics over this piano heavy beat.  RBX does the first two verses, nothing but more heat from The Narrator.  Snoop follows up with a toned down performance, but Ren finally kills the track.  "Nigga fuck dat/My black ass back from the grave/Fucked up is how we behave," some haunting raps from The Villain  4.5/5 dubs

3.  Lost Angels In The Sky - (Lost Angels & Kokane) -  Next is the bouncy Lost Angels track which is always entertaining 'cause of the hot Battlecat track.  Ruff Dogg and King Lou come nice again as they have previously on "Put Yo Hands Up," "We Keep It G" and "Dogghouse In Yo Mouth."  Kokane is used on the hook which isn't bad at all.  You can't ignore this song, it's contagious mainly because of B.C.'s touch.  4/5 dubs

4.  Ballad Of Jimmy Bones - (LaToiya Williams) - LaToiya showcases her range as a singer and Soopafly does the same with his diverse production.  This is supposed to be the first single, but it probably wouldn't boast sales even though it's dope.  I've always like LaToiya from "Baby If Your Ready" to "How We Get Down."  A good song overall where she does a great job of displayin her unique vocals over this hypnotizing backdrop.  4.5/5 dubs  

5.  Dogg Named Snoop - (Snoop Dogg & Tray Dee) - A unique song for Snoop.  Mel-Man pieces together this ghetto hook that isn't anything great.  I don't think anyone would guess this is a Mel-Man beat, compared to "Year 200" for example.  His drums are ill, something he's untouchable at, and the booming horns are what basically make this song.  Snoop's raps are all over, but he sounds pretty good keepin a steady flow.  4/5 dubs

6.  This Is My Life - (Kedrick & CPO) -  Another addicting Battlecat track that fits the smooth vocal tone of Kedrick.  This is his song, and he delivers the goods.  The hook is what gets me, "This is my life/Won't you leave me alone/Stay out of mine/You've got one of your own/You need to stop the life and change it be your own/You need to get goin/This is my life, my life, my life, my life."  A great hook borrowing a piece out Val Young's hook in, "Doggyland."  CPO doesn't blend in over this quick paced instrumental, or with Kedrick.  His raps are too slow and lifeless.  4/5 dubs

7.  It's Jimmy - (Kurupt & Roscoe) -  This is a pretty ill beat by the production talent of, Fredwrectified.  Nice percussions sprinkled with some flute playin.  Kurupt handles most of the rappin except for one verse from his lil bro Roscoe.  Can't hate on Kurupt's rhymes, he stays on task rappin bout the crooked life of Jimmy Bones.  Roscoe sings the simple hook too.  An average song.  3.5/5 dubs

8.  Raise Up- (Kokane) - This for them Kokane haters.  Kokane goes for the cycle over this heavy layered, marching band Fredwreck symphony.  One of the best tracks on the album.  Kokane does both, raps and sings while turning a lil freaky.  Sounds like he took a page outta Bizzare's notepad, "I said mom/I wanna suck the nurses titties/Cause her shit is bigger/Dirty little nigger!"  LOL, Kokane comes gangsta.  His chorus is anything but annoying though.  4.5/5 dubs.

9.  These Drugs - (D-12) - If this were on "Devil's Night," it would be in the top 5. This is a distorted and melodic guitar driven track.  Slim opens up with another twisted verse, followed by another outrageous one from Bizzare.  The rest of Dirty Dozen go wit the slow flow.  The chorus by Em is dope too, "It', of/These drugs I do/That's why I do the things...I do."  4.5/5 dubs

10.  Death Of Snow White - (Snoop Dogg, Bad Azz, Chan & Coniyac) - Another good song that fits well into this album.  Frank Rodriguez, of "You Can Do It" fame laces this one.  The hook attracted me. "He's comin for you/Guess who, it's Jimmy Bones/Tonight is the night/This is the death of Snow White."  The lyrics aren't nothin spectacular, but they do the job.  4/5 dubs

11.  If You Came Here to Party - (Tha Eastsidaz & Kola) -  A Warren G beat?  I couldn't pick it out without peepin the credits.  He can do better than this fo sho.  Snoop provides the squeaky chorus some might find annoying.  His opening verse is a quick, but hot one.  Tha Eastsidaz do a good job of tossin the mic back and forth.  Odd one out, Kola does her thang too.  3.5/5 dubs  

12.  Fuck Wit Us - (Kurupt, Tray Dee & Xzbit) -  Kurupt, Tray Dee and Xzibit mash on the carnival-bouncy Fredwreck manifesto.  A great song where the raps match the sick beat.  Xzibit drops one, "I bring a whole new meaning to hip-hop/Come from the the hip-hop/Hop state/To state from the state cops."  It's gets pretty ugly when X lays his heat down.  4.5/5 dubs

13.  Jimmy's Revenge - (Snoop Dogg & Soopafly) -  A funky bar lounge feel comin from the James Brown song, "Pay Back."  Fredwreck imitates the beat while tacking on his own signature extras.  Snoop often switches his style from singing, to almost talking, to more straight rappin.  I crack up when this line comes around. "Now I don't know karate/But I know kareezy!"  3.5/5 dubs      

14.  Be Thankful - (William DeVaughn) - A classic song no doubt from 1974.  This is about as smooth, relaxed you can get.  No need to explain, but this song fits in PERFECT for this soundtrack.  5/5 dubs

15.  Fuck It Less - (F.T.) -  Best song on album?  Classic?  No, this song is too gutter to be classic, but that's not a bad thing in this case.  Whoever this guy is, FT, comes the hardest on this album.  His raps are disgustingly ill, as well as his hook.  "What it look like/You got crack what it cook like/You got a track what's the hook like/F is off the hook right/We stole cars while you took bikes/And on a good night I getcha whole hood swiped."  Dope, dope shit, "The shit I spit keep my lips infected/I practice safe sex so my dicks protected."  Not to mention the beat.  It's a rugged, sample heavy track with a steady, low lying bass.  Very, very heated in my opinion, and strong from beginning to end.  5/5 dubs

16.  Gangsta Wit It - (Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Butch Cassidy) -  Your average Battlecat beat, with you're average harmonies from Nate and Butch.  Snoop's lyrics are a little wack, he runs out of gas towards the end of this album.  A pretty overused theme for Snoop and the Doggystyle crew.  3.5/5

17.  Memories - (Cypress Hill) - A dreary Muggs track off their forthcoming album, "Stoned Raiders."  A pretty short song with B-Real doin the usual.  Good hook.  3.5/5 dubs

18.  Endo - An Erie composition orchestrated by Fredwreck following the theme of "Bones."

19.  Fresh And Clean Remix - (Snoop Dogg & Outkast) - Snoop does good with the eccentric vibes of Earthtone and Outkast.  This is a bouncy track with a marching band flavor.  It sounds nothing like the original "So Fesh, So Clean" off of "Stankonia,"  Takes a few plays to get use to this song but it serves well of the "Bones" movie.  3.5/5 dubs

Best West coast soundtrack since "Friday" or even the classic, "Murder Was The Case" album.  Though this isn't a classic album, very solid all the way through.  It's got a funky, retro-70's feels to it.  Good transition from song to song.  Fredwreck shines almost as he did on "Space Boogie" highlighting this album with his 7 tracks of electronic-funk.  Lost Angels, D-12, Kokane, Kurupt and Snoop all give tight performances.  FT's track was a big surprise to me, and William DeVaughn's song was an added bonus.  All three soul/r&b songs were good aswell.  Overall, the best songs are, "Legend Of Jimmy Bones," "Ballad Of Jimmy Bones," "Fuck Wit Us," "Raise Up," "These Drugs" and "Fuck It Less."  Good production from Battlecat too, but what happened to the shining moment from Meech Wells?  No appearance from him, we've been hearin less and less of the guy.  No Snoop solo produced by Dr. Dre either.  That's aight though cause this is a great album.  Go pick it up.  8/10 dubs  -Incognito

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Re: Xclusive:  "Bones Review"
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betterr than next friday,i highly doubt it that sntrk is classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Xclusive:  "Bones Review"
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Overall a wonderful and very informative review, but there's a little mistake. Not Earthtone AND Outkast, becuz Earthtone III IZ Outkast plus David Sheats aka Mr. DJ. Peace
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