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Dmx- And Then There Was X
« on: October 04, 2001, 04:47:14 PM »
a well-hated on album by alot of people because of it's watered down commercial singles, this cd isn't all that bad and i noticed it recently when i made the purchase. after an awesome first cd and a disappointing but still tight second, dmx releases a third at the end of 1999 (and then there was x)...

1. The Rennel (Intro/Skit)- just an intro.

2. One More Road To Cross- well a good way to start off the cd, i like this track alot. good chorus, dmx in his best interpretation of singing. the lyrics are typical dmx and the beat is dope and perfect for a dmx jam. one of my favorite songs on this cd, 4/5

3. The Professional- Pa Pop Pop Pop, when hearing the beat it reminds me of something that i would expect to hear on his first cd. kind of like damian. real cool chorus and more typical dmx lyrics over a decent beat. i think what makes me listen to this song is when he goes "pa pop pop pop", 3.5/5

4. Fame- alright well right here is a sick beat and it makes me wanna get wild and crazy. sounds like something you'd hear meth and red gettin wild over. this beat is sooo tight. dmx lyrics aren't crazy dope but good. the chorus isn't nothing special and the beat and bassline definately make this song worth listening to, 3.5/5

5. Alot To Learn (Skit)- just a skit but a good time to mention that cd has started off well, and notice it's probably cause there hasn't been nothing commercial yet...

6. Here We Go Again- this is definately my favorite song on the cd. sick beat, sick bassline, sick piano loop, sick chorus. great storyline and this is when dmx shines the most. there is no way that you can deny this song, dmx does his best at singing on the chorus again and it comes out tight, 4.5/5

7. Party (Up In Here)- uh oh, here's where the album hits it's first real big flaw. although when this song was first released y'all were probably singing along to the chorus before being real annoyed with it. nothing real special just real annoying. this song was overplayed to the grave. it was the second single released off the cd, 3/5

8. Make A Move- from the start it doesn't sound like a good song. the beat isn't very good and the lyrics are too typical for a shitty beat. dmx does not shine and the chorus is corny and very forgettable, 2.5/5

9. What These Bitches Want (Feat. Sisqo)- well right when i see sisqo's name i really don't want to give it a chance but after giving this song a chance i realize i should've went with my instints and not listened to it cause it sucks. this is the third single off the cd. the chorus is bad and the lyrics are really jsut naming a bunch of bitches he fucked which has been done and shouldn't be done again cause it doesn't require any skill, 2/5

10. What's My Name?- the first single released off the cd and the best of the three but not a great song. just something that goes well on the radio. he says some alright shit on this track and he experiments with a new style of rapping which to date we are still hearing on "who we be". not a bad track but not a good one, don't really have much to say about it, 3/5

11. More 2 A Song- the chorus is very uncreative but the beat is cool. this song almost makes me think i've heard it before. that is one of dmx's main flaws, his material is limited compared to someone like ras kass. this song is alright but nothing memorable, 3/5

12. Don't You Ever- this song gets back to that style of dmx which most people like, that rugged loud in your face type of shit. cool beat, and the chorus would get people rowdy in the club like "now don't you ever, FUCK AROUND", simple but effective, 3.5/5

13. The Shakedown (Skit)- Just Another skit but a good time to point out how the cd has gone downhill with all the commercial shit after a great start. don't you ever somewhat picked it up but it needs more towards the end if you wanna leave the person thinking they made a good purchase...

14. D-X-L (Feat. The Lox & Drag-On)- i like this track, cool beat and everyone comes off well on this track. a good ruff ryders compilation type song, 3.5/5

15. Comin' For Ya- the chorus is kind of corny and so is the beat but i can't really knock it cause i like it and listen to it when it comes on, just an average track though, 3/5

16. Prayer III- just his annual prayer that he does on every cd...

17. Angel (Feat. Regina Bell)- great bassline and great chorus. a good feelin track in which dmx gets emotional like he's been known to do at times. a good time to have a tight track but this track should've been placed at around track 10 when the cd was lacking a showing a sign of filler, 3.5/5

18. Good Girls, Bad Guys (Feat. Dyme)- cool funky beat, they go back and forth pretty nicely. cool song and you'll probably not skip this track very often, 3.5/5

not as good as his first or really even close but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. there are some real good tracks like "here we go again" and "one more road to cross" are highlights when "what these bitches want" make for very skippable tracks if you aren't a radio dick rider. buy it if you are a dmx fan and buy it if you got an extra 16.99 burning at the bottom of your pocket. overall 3.25/5

i feel that this is a fair review, peace.
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Re: Dmx- And Then There Was X
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2001, 12:23:51 PM »
On the real i didnt feel this CD much at all... besides "One More Road To Cross" and "here We Go Again" i didn't feel much else on this cd... and a pretty big dissapointment from DMX... overall id give it a 2.5/5

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Re: Dmx- And Then There Was X
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2001, 06:37:21 PM »
Actually, im one of the few people who like this album better than "Flesh Of My Flesh", but I wouldnt buy either album........

Its Dark And Hell Is Hot is fucking dope though......
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