Author Topic: "THE GRAND FINALE!! "  (Read 228 times)


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« on: July 02, 2004, 01:05:48 AM »

you just cant let the fire die down ha!!!stupid muh fucka!.....

THIS is the last of the threads/just a warning anyone talk shit
you gettin as damaged as bez/so what!!!??

damn bez, i got to admit,that flow -isnt just average/
infact it sucked,thought you were finished
-gettin your ass kicked/
your verse?- every -line is defensless!/
cause how you gonna come and use our -style against us?/
seems like every time u say beef is over ,you- need to react /
cause were eatin away at your pride,cause you -keep gettin slapped/
you whack,shut ya mouth...there! now lets -leave it at that!!/
you internet beef starter!,real emcees dont need a -reason to rap!/
hide behind your moniter,way- off in the u.k/
if your ass was here,id slap you hard enough to make you
-talk in a new slang!/but -you aint ,so when it comes to your mouth
you -need ta shut it!/you should leave rap alone and stick to
feastin on- tea and crumpets/
dont reply quick ,cause you dont have to? its just to -hard for this queer/
fact is it takes you that long just to- spark an idea/we newbies,-
but now you the target in here,sit back while me and exodus bombared you
with spears!!/
if you really rule the site i say -down with the ruler/
not worthy , you aint an emcee- without ya computer!/
just be yaself,you aint gangsta or street dont try to fight it/
you just mad,cause where i stay ,my names all over the street like fire hydrants/
plain and simple ,to me this isnt important kid/you like an overweight cotorsionist
in rap you just dont fit in,quit forcin it!/
faggot i know you lovin the beef- just another busted emcee/
you just like your country you mean -nothin to me!/
ur kind is a -fuckin disease
empty headed show off with -guts to beleive!/ why dont you- come overseas?/
i know you wont which proves me right, you dont -want it with me!/
you lost on part 1 ,2 and 3 but that something you wont admit/
so how can you talk about ya talent when it dont exist/
next week another emcee,another flow gets dissed,the reason is you/
bez has 9000 post ,but ive never seen him improve!/
computer screens you stare at,puts -you in the fag groups/
loser,virginity..isnt something you can -lose in a chatroom!/.....HAHAHA

faggot,get off our nuts,how many times you say you were done??? we must
of hurt your pride ,judging by that shitty verse you decided to write for no
reason!! we killed u get on with ur internet life....u fuckin faggot...IM DEF NOT STOOPING DOWN TO UR

oh yeah suck a dick!!! im out

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« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2004, 01:11:43 AM »

your funny sayin I like your style but your bitin me your persona is jaded by hypocricy and contradictions
funny thing is you did it to yaself

I thought you killed us In Lmao, with one verse?/
that shit was horrible..Guess what?
the second one's worse/you can scream, holler and fight
and kick up dirt/be like the hulk bitch, get krunk and rip off shirts/
I aint scared,
coz yo shyt aint gone work/
I aint here to complain bitch sombody goin' get hurt/
Undertaker? sit on a mound of empty coffins/
Of people supposedly "buried", you've quickly forgotten/Oh..It's my progress you was supposed to be stoppin?/Net brat,I'll give you 9000 candles and a certificate to baskin robbins/

But its your party so you can cry-if-you-want-to/
speak all you want bez, but murder-me you-wont-do/
Its funny how you REITERATE, my demands/
only thing you prove is how fuckin great-I-am/
illest to spit so fluid on dry land,
i'm the man-
you makin different retirement plans/

no need to dust myself, quadraplegics cant reach to hurt me/You should be like 50 cent and "beg for mercy"/like it or not, your lines are just-not-working/

1 on 2, this has been 2 on none/
you already lost, before this fuckin "beef" begun/
we beggin for replys, you the one tryin to convince folks you aint got murdered/
you just like Liverpool, you stay un-heard of/

Idiot, i never begged for collabs with fools/
you just mad, coz no one wants to collab with you/
don't even say it, i already kno your every move/
im toyin with you, like kids do the monkeys at zoos

It seems you played "Theifs Theme" to the tee/
Stealin our style, how you think you're better than me/Fuckin faggot, your a damn veteran cheat/
You're a Loser, all your counters came from me or 10-dency/gave you ideas for disses, you only managed to steal defeat/so you talk loud, hopin that people to stupid to see/
that your fake, yo whole life revolves around beef/after me, there'll be somebody new next week

you love it, beef lights up yo day/
you squashed ours, coz me n 10 aint for-play
this is ova, you officialy ran out of shit to say/

before all-this-started, you were still a garbage artist/If you were a street poet, they'd find ya corpse starved in garbage/

You're not worth it,your bars of fire don't even give me a tan/
Laugh all you want, you'll never really foil my plans/But i guess you won, In some fictional Neverland


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« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2004, 02:08:54 AM »
lol dont ya'll see what your doing??

Your writing the same shit each time and some of the things your saying actually applies to yourself too, examples:

Behind computer screens........ain't you?
come oversea' for itself.....what a dumbass thing to say in a Internet Keystyle battle...
Internet cos I got 9000 posts????  Don't write shit you don't know about...
9000 what....I been here for a hell of a long time and I post in nearly all forums....Whys dissing my post count gunna do me damage?
UK/Liverpool....Tea and crumpet things.....been done before...
Ark, Liverpool ain't un heard of. about trying desperately to find sumit to rhyme with murdered...
Why you adding - into your know you ain't spittin no multies...
10dency gave me ideas for beef...hmmmmmmm don't think've basically taken what I have said about you and switched it....clever lol... say you ain't stoopin to my level again but together you've had to make 6 rhymes between you to try and get on my 2 rhymes speak for themselves...
Stealing your style......this made me laugh the if I am stealing your style and your saying I am wack then what does that make your style....LOL!

Both your rhyme schemes are very weak, you basically get your first line and then build up through a load of bullshit until you find a line that matches it.  If I wrote like that I would be ashamed.  Don't get me wrong they actually wern't bad verses but you just talk so much shit in them and they are very very basic.  You need to spend more time on ya rhymes and maybe learn some new shit like multies and punches then get back to me.

I don't think I need to write another rhyme cos for the many you guys have wrote I have killed yas in 2.  I think this shit is over now.   Hope you take my advice on board.


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« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2004, 09:00:36 AM »
 :o  i agree with bez


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« Reply #4 on: July 02, 2004, 11:16:38 AM »
Pretty tight rhyme scheme from both of ya, the only thing I might change is add a few more metas in, like when you said,

"we newbies,-
but now you the target in here,sit back while me and exodus bombared you
with spears!!/"

you could flip that line like
"we newbies-
but now you the target in here, like MTV in prime time, me and exodus bombard you
with spears!!/"

Just a little suggestion, otherwise, tight.

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