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deltron 3030
« on: July 31, 2001, 11:03:20 AM »

1. state of the nation - skit
2. 3030 - one of the best tracks of 2000, with amazing outerspace theme-like production from automator. Del comes off extremely nice here. the song goes on for about 8 minutes, but you would never notice. - 5
3. the fant. rap extrav - skit
4. things you can do - damn, del comes of blazin here. the only thing keepin' this track from classic status is the fact that the beat can become a bit repetitive. - 4.5
5. positive contact - not one of my favorites, but still dope. I don't really care for the beat here - 4
6. st. catherine - skit
7. virus - del becomes an anarchist here: "I wanna devise a virus
To bring dire straits to your environment
Crush your corporations with a mild touch
Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus
I want to make a super virus
Strong enough to cause blackouts in every single metropolis
Cause they dont wanna unify us
So fuck it total anarchy and can't nobody stop us -4.5
8. upgrade - dope concept, but the song as a whole doesn't really grab me. - 4
9. new coke - skit
10. mastermind - extreme dopeness, the beat isn't one of my favorites though - 4.5
11. national movie review - skit
12. madness - damn, this may be the joint of the album. "I'm trapped in a bottle
My music's gettin hollow
That's what happens when humanity you follow
Where every leak or info is hard to swallow
Sell your Marlboros and car insurance
Put ni**as on the moon and can't pay your burdens
I smoke herb and rock a turban
Meditate on the world and whats occurrin
A lot of white boys like the style and copy
Dig in something deeper and youll peep that were not free
It's not about the seperation its about the population" - 5
13. meet cleofis - skit
14. time keeps slippin' - extremely tight - 5
15. the news - skit
16. turbulence - forget what i said about madness, this may take the cake. "I'm Butch Cassidy, style wild, uncontained
I steal computer disk files, drink water from drains
Metal detectors check ya, with reflectors in every sector
While I drink electric nectar
No one believes inspectors and spooks
They just lecture the youth about having respect and couth
Toward the US, and you guessed it
The rest get imprisoned or incisions in their medulla
No president, we have a ruler
"You are to be inside by 9 o'clock or we will shoot ya"
Missile launchers haunt ya in your nightmares
It ain't quite fair, little tykes ain't prepared
They've got your wife naked bare in the subway
For some thug play, neo-punks with cerebral pumps
For enhanced recognition of politicians and witches
Senior citizens are disposed against their wishes
Aliens landed said our planet wasn't worth invadin
Cuz all the natural resources are fadin" - 5
17. the fantabulous.- skit
18. battlesong - damn, another tight track. to bad the production on here is extremely similar to dr. octagon. (not really a bad thing, just not original) - 4
19. love story - tight - 5
20. memory loss - nice - 4.5
21. assman speaks - skit

damn, one hell of an album. the production on here is some of the best of 2000. 4.5 mics overall, closer to 4.75 mics.


Don Seer

Re: deltron 3030
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2001, 11:17:20 AM »
my memories of this album are...

'lasers phasers and tasers'

first time we listened to this it had me and the guy i share my office @ work with rollin'

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Re: deltron 3030
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good review.. damn i gotta be hearin more of this album
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