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[MP3 Album]
Popa Wu - Visions of the 10th Chamber: The Harmonic Reality of Sound

This is the preliminary release. Some of these tracks were "leaked" to the public, but this version remains largely unheard of.

1. 9-Elements (Bloodsports)
(Performed by Division, United Kingdom & Prodigal Sunn)

2. Thug Passion

3. I Paid My Dues

4. One Life To Live

5. Close The Door

6. Sun Down
(Performed by United Kingdom & Division)

7. When The Rain Started To Pour

8. Spotford [Spaford]
(Performed by Freemurder)

9. Make This Money Take This Money
(Performed by Ol' Dirty Bastard, I Born, Shyheim, Shacronz & 12 O'Clock)

10. What's Wrong Girl?
(Performed by Suga Bang Bang & Nikki)

11. O.K. Corral
(Performed by I Born, Shacronz & Black Rose Kartel)

12. Take It All
(Performed by I Born, Shacronz, 12 O'Clock & Pyzone)

13. Love Me
(Performed by I Born)

14. Gun Ho
(Performed by Shacronz, Daddy Rose, I Born, Freemurder, Ty-Jigs)
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