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Mack 10- Self Titled
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Foe Life (f/ice cube)- One of the greatest westcoast anthems ever. 5/5

Wanted Dead- Ill production from Ice Cube, Mack spits ill shit. 5/5

On Them Thangs- Annoying hook, other than that good song. 4/4

Pigeon Coup

Chicken Hawk- Mack rap from the perspective of a Chicken Hawk. Production is aight. 4.5/5

Here come the G- Laidback production. Great song, especially the chorus. 4.5/5

Westside Slaughterhouse (f/westside connection)- Another classic. Cube disses Common. Everyone comes correct. 5/5

Niggas Dog Scrapping

Armed & Dangerous- Kickass production from Ice Cube, Mack 10 flows his ass off. 5/5

H-O-E-K (f/k-dee)- OK production by Ice Cube, K spits a cool verse. 4.5/5

10 Million Ways- Possibly the best song on the album. This is were Mack 10 shows us what he's really capable of, lyrics & flow wise. 5/5

Mozi Wozi- You're typical song about fucking bitches. Ok chorus. 3.5/5

Mack 10's the Name- Dark beat. Mack kills it. 4/5

overall= 4.5/5


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Re: Mack 10- Self Titled
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Classic westcoast album for me.