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« on: May 20, 2001, 01:31:33 AM »

1.The Genesis-East coast thug intro with a  hard funk/jazz beat in the background of a post bank robbing scene,dope
2.NY State of mind-dope,original production,a defining example of what i like to call "street corner hip-hop" songs where you can imagine the thugish scene perfectly/you can picture the artist ona  street corner rapping this involuntarily,classic masterfully composed original track
3.Life's A Bitch-worst song on album in my opinion but still dope, just doesn;t fit to me,AZ raps in similar fashon to Nas just faster and higher pitched in my opinion,like i said still dope
4.The World Is Yours-ny state of mind lightened up in my opinion, an everyday descrption type song,very street yet unversally appealing to the open mind,the production is simple yet wisely composed and arranged,great chorus and top notch raps
5.Halftime-straight spittin over a hard ass beat,similar in tone to one time for your mind and it aint hard to tell in the sense that they're just straight spitting dope rhymes,
6.Memory Lane-melancholy raps about life in the projects,positive yet another societal reflection of how fucked up things are,production simple but melodic and stellar
7.OneLove-in my opinion the best track on the album,while the other 8 songs are mainly just spitting about nothing in particular,this song is lyrically elevated,simple yet fantastic prodution with one great driving melody,it's a letter to his friend in prison, very descriptive,real,street,touching,profound shit.FUCKIN CLASSIC
8.One time for your mind-nice production but not really melodic, quirkily laid back traCK with slowly delivered slighty humorous light hearted tight raps,probaby the second worst song on the album,still very tight,in concept especially but execution could use some work
9.Represent-anthem and street are words that describe this hard hitting original straight street corner representing you and yours fucking dope skilled ass hip-hop over a stellar premier beat the only song that has no sample,some real shit,real DOPE shit
10.It aint hard to tell-hardhitting melodic,detailed amazing production over deep amazing rhymes,an anthem of sorts as well, positive toned stret straight spitting type track with virtually no flows besides the fact that at some point this track and album have to end.

at first i said this album was overrated and after a month i was addicted to this gem,just barely below the chronic/doggystyle/regulate level
because of lack of diversity,length, and less-tightened production but very close.9.98-CLASSIC

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Re: Illmatic
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Nice Review man, let me hook up the album cover for ya
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Re: Illmatic
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I agree with ya exactly on this one
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Re: Illmatic
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Great Review man... this is my 2nd favourite cd behind Talib Kweli's "Reflection Eternal"
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