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Request: Jay-z-in my lifetime (vol 1)
« on: May 12, 2001, 10:34:01 AM »
im requesting, someone review it in this thread
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Re: Request: Jay-z-in my lifetime (vol 1)
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*Posted By: Top Dogg*

1.) Intro/Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More- 4.5
I love the way dude talks at the begging of this track (intro) . Bangin' premier beat.  Jigga kills it. Great way to open the album.

2.)The city is mine feat blackstreet- 4
Dope track.

3.) I know what girls like (feat puffy and lil kim)- 2.5
I was very dissapointed after hearing this track. It's basically Commercial Bs produced by Puffy which didn't fit jay-z at the time. Worst track on album. It only gets a 2.5 because was a good party track in it's era. This is the one track that should be off the album.

4.) Imaginary Player- 4
Tight track.

5.)Streets is Watching- 4
Slamin Track.

6.) Friend or Foe 98'- 4

7.) Lucky Me- 3.5

8.) (Always be my) Sunshine- 4
His second great callabo with foxy. It's not quite as good as ain't no n.... but it's a very tight track.

9.) Who U wit II- 4.5

10.) Face off (feat sauce money)- 3
nothin special to me.

11.) Real Niggaz (feat too short) - 3.5

12.) Rap Game/Crack Game- 4
This track uses the crack game to talk about the rap game. Tight track.

13.) Where I'm From- 4.5

14.) You must love me- 4.5
Deep song about his mother and his brother with kelly price on the hook.

This album gets a final score of 8 out of 10.
This album has it's inconsistent spots but it has its spots where jigga is on point.
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