Author Topic: THREE-6 MAFIA "Mystic Stylez"  (Read 466 times)


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THREE-6 MAFIA "Mystic Stylez"
« on: April 14, 2001, 09:05:10 AM »
this album is classic...

1)da begining-tight intro lettin everybody know the deal...

2)break da law "95"-yo..this beat is dope as paul makes me believe that he actually is a killer..he comes dope on both verses..classic (5)

3)da summa-a lil different feel from triple 6..bbut its done perfectly..and koopsta is just too damn ill..a classic summer joint (5)

4)live by yo rep-this is a bone dis..and basically their just talkin about different ways that they can kill them...its quite disturbing actually..lord infamous has problems..tight song (4.5)

5)in da game-gangsta boo shines on this track..the beat is dope too..(4.5)

6)now im hi pt 3-blahhhh...i usually hate their "im high" songs..and if ya listen to hypnotize minds u know they have one of these tracks on every album..i aint feelin this (2.5)

7)long nite-this joint is awkward..the beat sounds like some country mixed wit disco shit..oh well it works (4.5)

8)sweet robbery-hmm..this song is good and depends on what kinda mood your i'll give it a good grade (3.5)

9)back against da wall-this song is good..but the hook is corny..and the beat is kinda simple..tight shit however (4)

10)fuckin wit dis words can explain this track...graveyard scary kinda beat..and everybody comes off tight as fuck on this paul has a classic verse (5)

11)all or nothin-blah..filler track (2.5)

12)gotta touch em-another good original dope beat...not feeling the lyrics too much (4)

13)tear da club up-this joint is a 5..cuz everything is perfect..but actually i like the "97" version better, that joint gets a 6 becuz its better than classic..this gets a (5)

14)big bizness-sick paul usually has tight verses..i think its his voice..whatever (4.5)

15)mystic stylez-this is HIP HOP..fuck what ya heard..theres like 7 people from hypnotize minds on this joint..and they all come dope as hell..the beat is slow but effective..this is hypnotize minds at their best (5)

16)porno movie-good..but its kinda boring for a song with a name like "porno movie" shouldve been more disgusting..(4)

overall it gets a 4.5

if they took out them two extremely wack songs all or nothin and now im hi pt 3...every joint on here would be off the hook...oh well..everything else is good..

everybody should cop this album if u like horror movie,head noddin,riot startin beats..and some "i kill people and throw em in ditches" type lyrics....but if ya noticed, the beats by dj paul and juicy j are what makes three 6 mafia so dope....CLASSIC ALBUM
"alot of rappers talk that murder ish, but couldnt kill time"-big l

"mc's talk about breakin jaws, and couldnt even break a promise"-big l

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Re: THREE-6 MAFIA "Mystic Stylez"
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2001, 04:28:18 PM »
much props this album is amazing glad someone posted a review to it here, i was going to this one tonight acutally oh well i'll review somthing else now....much props though man

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Re: THREE-6 MAFIA "Mystic Stylez"
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2001, 03:41:39 PM »
classic piece in rap history,,,,,
what yall dont know,,im assuming u dont,,
is that kingpin skinny pimp wrote most of this albulm,,,did alot of work on it,,,,he was on the track ,live by your rep,,,
all or nothing,,,,that bassline is the hardest hittin one on ther,,,,in later 3-6 albulms they used bass more heavily,,,mystic stlyes has the bass drum keepin the beat,,,all or nothin has a live bass guitar recorded in the studio for that =track,,,
any reviews for live by your rep?
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