Author Topic: video link for Kanye west "jesus walks" bet awards 2004 with Yolanda Adams  (Read 141 times)

We Fly High

"Jesus Walks"


Windows Media

very good performance... yolanda adams added the perfect touch tot he song too.


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thx man its a great video and a great song aswell




Saw the replay yesterday. It was a dope opener for the show.


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Kanye's gonna get a heart attack if he keeps putting so much energy into his performances.

We Fly High

haha yeah... that was one of the highlights of the bet awards.. was his opener.. but there was also a 25 years of hip hop on wax... and it was like Doug e Fresh, mc lyte. public enemy, slick rick, sugar hill gang, grandmaster flash, hella fools.. i forgot who else.. Primo was dj'ing the whole set.. definitely a crazy ass set..

usually though, kanye doesnt put in that much energy into his shows. but yeah he had to puto n a good show cos this was on some nationwide shit.. in froint of all his peers.

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That's a tight performance 8) Thanks for the link.


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That's a tight performance 8) Thanks for the link.


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Oh that's what I call a good performance!
Thanks for the link man.

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Damn that was DOPE.