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Ok i thought i'd post this because TOT section has been pretty dull lately. This is a huge problem that i've had with President Bush, and how he's conducting this war. Ill just post some quotes from the article on BBC.

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The Pentagon says that reviews into the status of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay could begin as soon as next week.
Panels of three military officers will decide whether an inmate is being legally held as an enemy combatant.
All the nearly 600 detainees have now been notified of their rights, even though they will not be able to get access to defence lawyers yet.
The Pentagon says the review process could lead to some prisoner releases.

The case of each of the 600 prisoners will be reviewed by the military tribunals.

    * Detainees can testify and request affidavits from witnesses

    * They will not have defence lawyers - but a "personal representative" - a military officer who is not bound by rules of confidentiality and can pass on any incriminating evidence provided by the detainees for use in future trials

    * The detainees will not have access to classified information in their files, but their representative is supposed to give them an unclassified explanation of the case against them, the US navy secretary said

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The Center for Constitutional Rights, a legal advocacy group that represents 53 Guantanamo detainees and challenged their detention at the US Supreme Court, led criticism of the reviews, describing them as a "sham".

"These tribunals are just another attempt to keep Guantanamo a lawless enclave," said Joe Margulies, a lawyer with the group.


IMO, i dont think my government is gonna do much with this. They will probably delay these "tribunals," and barely release any of them.  These men are given their rights, but they cant use their rights, i.e. they cannot get a "real" lawyer. When the tribunals start they only get US military lawyers. The prisoners are not allowed to use classified evidence, as evidence to defend themselves. So basically there screwed. Most people are innocent, but from what i understand there are some known terrorists in guantanamo.

Any thoughts?


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Re: Guantanamo Bay Prisoners are Read their rights.(....2 years late)
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Sounds pretty much like Nürnberg after WW2.

It's a Bogus-Court where they pretend to have justice.
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