Author Topic: Mr Cheeks, Pete Rock, Truth Hurts @ house of blues sunset august 16th  (Read 41 times)

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mr cheeks pete rock truth hurts show at house of blues sunset august 16th.. monday night.
being a house of blues members, i was able to get a special summer promotion price.. and so i get 2 for 1 tickets... so i can get 4 tickets for 60 bucks.. 15 bucks a person, which is fucking cheap for a venue like Sunset house of blues and especially for someone like Pete Rock and yeah im most likely going to be heading to thie show.. i havent been to a show in days.. last one i think was method man back in the end of april... need to get back on my streak and plus missing the 213 show, mobb deep shjow and wu tang show pissed the fuck outta me..

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