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Consideratons consolidate...
« on: July 25, 2004, 02:44:03 AM »
considerations consolidate,can make you think or make you hate/
Attitudez depend on fate, you have to accept em, allthough you'd hesitate/
Coordinations can be raised but no1 could ever approach me rangin ma nation/
do you think i aint a human like you? is that the present generation?/
believe me i have neva belonged to no nation/
i live im alive widout exact destination n i will vaguely expire ma last expiration/
you dont even have to find any intonation/
cuz i tell you what i see, hear n feel as well/
i cant gear to this tune of neva resting knell/
no1's allowed to do one step, weall caught in an invisible cell/
that ain't even the hell on earth anymore, the earth is inside the hell/
can you accept that ppl mobbin each other to death/
they kill their own health n stealing your damn breath/
looking at our little kids i see how they play this world in imitations/
and i know they will have to struggle wide the same classifications/
we all sleuth for accusations , so most of us prefer to live in isolation/
its like no1 of us knows our hearts n souls look for sensations/
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