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CREDITS: Living Legends - Creative Differences
« on: August 04, 2004, 10:15:06 AM »

01: Creative Differences
Performed by Living Legends
Produced by Eligh

02: Friends Are Calling
Performed by Eligh
Produced by Eligh

03: Days Go By
Performed by Sunspot & Eligh
Produced by Eligh

04: Addicted
Performed by The CMA
Produced by Eligh

05: Get It In Your Soul
Performed by Bicasso
Produced by Bicasso

06: Hold Your Own
Performed by G & E featuring Bicasso & Ragen Fykes
Produced by The Grouch

07: Real Slow the Fast Way
Performed by MURS
Produced by Eligh

08: Aspirations
Performed by Three Melancholy Gypsies
Produced by Eligh

09: How You Take It
Performed by Arata & Scarub
Produced by Scarub

10: Trust Me?
Performed by Luckyiam.PSC
Produced by the A.M.

11: No Strings
Performed by The Grouch
Produced by The Grouch

12: Time To Ride
Performed by Scarub
Produced by Scarub

13: It Might Be You
Performed by Sunspot
Produced by Sunspot
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