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CREDITS: Lyrics Of Fury III
« on: August 05, 2004, 10:03:21 AM »

01: North Star
Performed by Swollen Members
Produced by Nucleus

02: See No, Hear No
Performed by Freestyle
Produced by DJ Friction

03: P.O.P.
Performed by P.E.A.C.E.
Produced by Kenny Segal

04: Party
Performed by Moka Only featuring Bishop
Produced by Moka Only

05: Red Hook Day
Performed by Shabazz the Disciple
Produced by Mista Jam

06: Gasoline
Performed by Prevail
Produced by DJ Science

07: Us
Performed by Sweatshop Union
Produced by Mr. Marmalade

08: The Scenic Route
Performed by Oddities
Produced by Bookworm

09: Block Party (Remix)
Performed by Swollen Members
Produced by The Draft Dodgers

10: Big
Performed by Brassmunk
Produced by Brassmunk

11: Anthem
Performed by Fourth World
Produced by House

12: Bounce
Performed by Son Doobie
Produced by Nucleus

13: Once Upon A Crime
Performed by Buc Fifty
Producued by Ralph M

14: Last Shadow
Performed by DJ Drez featuring Aceyalone
Produced by DJ Drez

15: Most People Know
Performed by Chase Phoenix
Produced by Baby Dayliner

16: There She Go
Performed by Sunspot Junz featuring Moka Only
Produced by Moka Only

17: Terrorist
Performed by Nucleus
Produced by Nucleus

18: Faze
Performed by Rob The Viking
Produced by Rob The Viking

19: Operate
Performed by Evidence
Produced by Evidence
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