Author Topic: Fake ass bitches...  (Read 173 times)


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Fake ass bitches...
« on: August 17, 2002, 09:07:20 PM »
I hate fake ass whats wrong wit people these days?...i mean i try to treat all ma friends with respect and shit...tryin to be koo wit em...but damn..i dunno...there was a group of people i USED to kick it wit last year and 2..they were good friends..but i found out what kind of people they really are....from that group...only one of em is a good friend..and the rest..well fuck em..theres like 5 of em...but i'll just post up one example...

One guy...used to live in L.A...but got into a university which is like 40-50mins away from this guy..he comes down to L.A alot...but that foo barely even gives me a call..sayin wsup and shit..i think he did once...i time when he moved to the school..i decided to drive all the way down there...just to see his ass..see how he is doin and shit...i regret doin that..waste of a fucking time...i remember him IM'ing me on AIM few times...he would only IM me if he needs to ask me somethin..or some stupid shit...dosen't even ask me how i'm doin..and stuff like that...and i knew this guy every since i was in middle school...and i remember this one time...that really pissed me off...he came down to L.A one time...he called me and asked if i wanted to kick it with him cuz he didn't have anyone to kick with in i said..aight...i haven't seen the guy for a long time...i wanted to see how he doin...he was waiting in his car in front of my apartment...when i approached the car..he came out of his i thought he was gonna say wsup or somethin...but there was a car parked front of his car...and turns out that his homeboy was inside that he was talkin to him to like 5 MINS...i mean i was there next to dat foo and he was actin like i wasn't even ignoring me or some shit..he didn't even say nothin to me...i was like wtf..i got pissed off so i just went back in to my apartment....and he still thinks i'm his homeboy..tryin to act all koo with me or somethin...he still IM's me sometimes..not to say wsup..but for some pointless i ain't his homeboy..fuck that bitch...maybe i should change ma SN...
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Re: Fake ass bitches...
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2002, 09:57:49 PM »
i feel what ur saying man - at the moment im distancing myself from all the fake ass bitches i used to hang with. fuck them all - there are too many
this one fucker i was friends with for 5 fuckin years and he was one of best home boys but then he stole my fuckin zippo lighter and when i confronted him about it he just fuckin denied it - fuck him
this other group of fake ass bitches claimed to be the homeboys of me and two others but they all fuckin ditched us to look cooler in front of the pop group (or what we call the 90210 group)- fuck them too.
but school finishes for me soon so i aint neva gonna see any of them fuckers again.

peace to my real homeboys

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Re: Fake ass bitches...
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2002, 10:05:52 PM »

i know exactly what you are blabing on about!


My grandfather used to tell me, in your whole life you will only ever have ONE true best friend, only ONE! I can honestly say i have 2, they're both back in Auckland New Zeland, and even though i've been living out of country for 4 years we've kept it tight.

They either fly over here, or i fly over there once to twice a year to kick it. I've been fucked over many times by fools who use you. I'm without any doubt the easiest person to get along with EVER, but i'll tear someone a new asshole if they abuse my personality. Last dude i used to hang around with fucked me up something bad behind my back, its a long story but he got dealt with accordingly. To be honest i was hurt, coz i felt this guy was my boy.

Now i'm real cautious who i let refer to me as a friend rather than an acquaintance. MUCH Love to people who value and respect true friends!

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Re: Fake ass bitches...
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2002, 10:10:08 PM »
Word, I feel you man. I treat everyone with respect as long as they treat me with the same respect in return. With me, you don't gotta earn my respect, but you sure as hell can lose it.

I had this one guy that I used ot live with, we were like brothers. We bothed moved out of the neighborhood. Things were still cool after awhile and we still kicked it. But when your a few hundred miles away you got no choice but to separate and not hang out as much as before. A year and a 1/2 passed and I called him up and told him to come over and we could kick it at my house, talk about shit and have a BBQ. He was like "Hell yeah man, ima be there don't worry about it". I go out and buy all these ribs and meat and me and my family was waiting for him and his ass didn't show. Didn't call and say he wasn't gonna make it. Didn't even apologize or nuthin. I didn't hear from him for another year.

Then this June he calls me up and says he's graduatign and he wanted me to be there. I was like aight man save me a couple seats for me and my family, we'll be there. And I was gonna go. But I remembered how he dogged me and I said fuck it. I didn't go, I didn't call and tell him I wasn't gonna go. I made him suffer just like he did for me. I'm not gonna be his bitch and run to him everytime he asks me for somethin and he does the opposite for me. Fuck that.
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Re: Fake ass bitches...
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2002, 04:13:08 AM »
Dam, I aint never had any experiences like ya'll have but I kind of understand what you mean.

The group of friends I hang with is like 4 lads, but sometimes its 5 or 6 because some other friends who are older hang with us sometimes.  Anyways out of the 5 or 6 I have my best mate, whos totally sound, but then everytime I talk to one of the other 5 I always have to sit and listen  to them talking about another friend behind there back.  Sumit stupid like I cant be arsed with him hes pissing me off, he did this he did that, I end up thinking to myself dam if he is talking about him behind his back I bet when they are hangin together I get talked about behind my back.  Shit pisses me off, we cant be a group of friends who respect each other, dont get me wrong I like my friends but as all this talking and shit has been going on for ages I have lost respect for most of them.
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