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Mausberg - Non Fiction
« on: June 02, 2002, 05:45:40 AM »

This is my first review, figured I'd do Mausberg since I haven't ever seen it done before...

1. Non Fiction- Mausberg rips it up on this track, but the beat sounds kind of whack. I usually skip this track, but it's still tight. 3.5/5

2. Ring King- Now this is what tha fuck I'm talking about. Tight Quik production & Maussy rippin' it up. One of my fav. tracks. 5/5

3. We Ain't Done Yet(Feat. Dresta)- Mausberg does okay on this song, but Dresta comes a little better. Tha beat is hot for the first few listens, gets boring fast though. 3.5/5

4. Get Nekkid(Feat DJ Quik)- As you can tell by the name of the track, this is a pussy song. Mausberg & Quik tear this track up, and the beat Quik laced is tight as fuck!! 5/5

5. Tha Truth Is...(Feat DJ Quik)- I looove this Quik beat. Nice jazzy sounding shit. Mausberg's lyrics are tight but his flow is a little off beat. Quik drops a nice verse though. Mos def. one of the best tracks. 5/5

6. Y2k- This is an okay track. Mausberg does good here, but the beat could have been better. I usually skip this track. 3.5/5

7. Any Way U Want 2(Feat Suga Free & James Debarge)- This is a fonky ass track. Produced by Quik of course, Mausberg & Suga Free do well together. Tight hook. 4.5/5

8. Mad Like a Pit(Feat. Six Million)- Tha beat is pretty good. I didn't really like how Mausberg raps on this track. Six Million ain't all that either but he does better than Mausberg. 3.5/5

9. No More Questionz(Feat. DJ Quik)- This to me is the best track on the album. Incredible beat by Quik, a lil' different aswell. Quik & Maus both do very well. 5/5

10. Busta- The WORST track on the album. Mausberg doesn't really cut it here & the beat is just weak. 2.5/5

11. I Can Feel That(Feat. Craw Dog & AMG)- My second fav. track. This is a party song, and a great one at that. Tight Quik production, Maus, Crawf & AMG all sound tight. Str8 heat. 5/5

12. Bank On It(Feat. Playa Hamm & 2nd II None)- Kinda sounds like rock music, but Quik pulls it off well. Mausberg does the best here. 4.5/5

13. Mushrooms- Dope, dope song. Mausberg tells a story about how he fucked wit mushrooms. It's funny as hell. Quik produced the beat & it's tight as always from Quik. 5/5

14. Pimpalistics- I wasn't feeling this song at first, but now I fuckin' love it! The beat is hot & Maus just spits some pimp shit. 4.5/5

15. Dick Ain't Free- This would've been the best song but it's too short. Beat is incredible, Mausberg rippin' it up. What more could you ask for? 5/5

16. My Life Goes On- Deep track wit some guy singing the hook. Maussy raps about how hard his life was. Music sounds really nice too. 4.5/5

Overall rating 8.5/10

A few weak beats, but an incredible album. If you ain't got it, go pick it up.
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Re: Mausberg - Non Fiction
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Props On The Review Homie
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Re: Mausberg - Non Fiction
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Man this is the best "Quik Camp" album. The beats are fire and mausberg is abolutely amazing. If he was still alive he would of been one of the best rappers out.

Best Songs
1.Get Nekkid - man the beat is fucking tite and Mauberg rips it up on the 2nd verse
2.Ring King - Modern Gangsta song,amazing
3. I can feel that - Funky as fuck
4. No more questions - Quik rips it
5. The Truth is - INcrediable talk box work.


R.I.P - Tha Realest
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Re: Mausberg - Non Fiction
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"The Truth is" is one of the best hip hop beats ever, in my opinion.
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Re: Mausberg - Non Fiction
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tyte review.

RIP mausberg