Author Topic: TRIGGANOMETRY: Freestyles  (Read 90 times)


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« on: September 07, 2004, 01:50:57 AM »

 freestyle ONE:

At six foot 256
i was born a beast
not like bob sapp
take  a glock an clap em
bend ya back like beckham
mics i wreck em
doa option they checkin
im carryin illegal weapons
aint no search an seize
chop down pounds ah trees
u think this hot spit nigga please
this 50 wait till i put it up to a hunned degrees
throw 3 thru ya fleece on a whim
leave ya future lookin grim
unzip ya chestplate in front of ya friends
i keep checkin chedda mo than a cheese inspectah
chrome holda family wrecka
betta be on ya best
before i be puttin 8 in ya chest
young duke
runnin loose wit a gun the size of zeus
screws been loose
bendin blocks in a 78 duece
nextel chirp tha troops
have em slay nasty
roll up casually and gladly zip u up in a hefty baggie
pants seem to wanna stay saggy
im like capt kirk
clap the eight
and erase ya smirk
young jerk
pushin weight in snowflakes
inflate ya face wit an eight
swiss cheese ya drapes
call me boss vader
smash in a sixty-eight heavyweighter
turf savage all about my cabbage
fashiggadale fareally
slap 10 at you wit a nine milli
switch it up and clap 50 cal
got more eagles than philly now
im like the G.O.A.T wit out tha billy pal.



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like im on a mission
sittin in my bedroom slippin into schitzo ways
been awake fa days me an my glock like frank bev and maze
knockin 94' dre smokin dipped wett chron brain in a haze
feds watch me like malcolms last days am i crazed
loony or nuts gives two fucks about you sluts
stay drunk in a stooper move sudden an i'll shoot ya
put it thru ya jason kidd jersey nuthin but net like im a hooper
leave ya chest on ya lex without tha lutha historect spay and nueter ya
pop vicatin they call me a loser but im more like a sharpshoota
sittin in tha bushes waitin to do ya wit two german rugas
pull up and stop
tweeze the crack snapple and pop
clap hot at ya throwback top
bend ya block and clean out ya snot lock
keep ya block on hot knock ya block off top
move in an drop slumpin knots turf hogg sippin on schnapps
whippin candy coated drops hittin club spots and pull a model botch
pop my bottle and watch the technomarine 3 color freeze my wrist
i squeeze tha tits flip her over an beat out tha bitch
i hit tha strip wit a foreign whip 8 seater a foreign chick chuck taylors and a wife beater
range rover shit on twenty sixx sit so sick
spit riddles like misto-plix
on some rumple-stilt-skin shit
spinnin coca white into fresh franklins greenback tips
got an estate in cuba
dangerous m-12 auto hit 5 speed throttle automatic & autocratic is my motto
breaded like i hit tha lotto
unzip ya sternum an burn em
major moves when i hurt em
heat it up like a furnace
like schultz dutch im the worsest
i may be lucky but lucci i count
say word like capone and they put three in ya mouth
im mickey shes mal
roll wit 50 cal like clyde an bonnie
rambuncious like billy tha kid
put tha milli right next to ya wig
leave u froze right in front of ya crib maybe in front of ya kids
chuck taylors and khakis
you dont want no prollems like scrappy
similar to training day wake and bake
ship weight cross state
bend the block in a cutlass 88
all black gorilla slap
mausberg in tha back
bumpin gorilla black and throwback pac
mow ya block with a israeli 100 round widow maker
turn flesh into vapor as fast as i spit text at you haters
im vexed on this paper pixel give u major issues
let my phd in guns majorly hit u
fold u up like a fetus
slump you in ya coupe
imma block vet wit troops i wont hesitate to let loose
alt control and delete you dudes imma beast on shrooms
leave my keyboard broke and smokin toke the leprechaun lettuce and split my mind open
grip techs when i smoke wetts pop ex and sip louie the x brain on psychotic
expand my mind with tha chronic im major lee similar to a man thas bionic
wit 6 million modifications me an my glock roll like madden and stations
im glad that u hatin but remember that might be tha last breath that u takin...........


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it was good but you'll improve with time