Author Topic: chappelle block party setlist and pics: kanye/mosdef/talib/fugees/roots/common..  (Read 348 times)

We Fly High

my god i wish i was there, this woulda been worth the plane ticket to get there. and i woulda paid over 200 dollars to see a line up like this

heres a link to the pictures of the event, theres also a DVd coming out soon, but apparently cameras were real hard to get in, so there are very limited photographs circulating other than these..

fucking A man. this is like a classic concert, like near up in smoke tour status.. this is a pretty muhc the complete setlist according to ?uestlove,. but not the full one.. i think a few details are missin

-marching band freaks jesus walks
-we dont care
-2 words (w/ mos)
-get em high (com and talib)
-spaceship (with j legend and consequence)
-selfish (with john legend)
-all fallsl down
- jesus Walks
- even though what we do is wrong (just drums and acapella)
- two words again

-turn Off The Radio
-mind Sex
windows of my soul
-bigger than hip hop

- back in the day
- otherside of the game
- on and on/and on....
- love of my life (w. rash)

Jill Scott
- is it the way
-whenever whatever
-i need you
-slowly surely

- web
- boom/poison/warm it up/raw (kool g rap and big daddy kane)
- in love with the mic (dave and truck north)
- love of my life w/ com
- the next movement
- you got me (mtv2 version with jill and erykah)

-dave did extended intro with "piss on you" (both versions) and some jokes
-my philosophy/ressurection (com)
- i live in BK/my life is ill (mos)
- move something (kwe)
- respiration (black star and com)
- universal magnetic bboy (yes we freaked it to the bone mos)
- i used to love her (common)
- the blast remix (erykah)
-definition (black star)
- i try (kwe)
- the light (erykah and bilal come in)
- get by (kwe)
- umi says (mos and fred hampton reads)
-pharoah does a bit of simon says

-ready or not
-how many mics
-oh la la la
-killing me softly
-call 911/lost ones
-ready or not

8. Monster Jam featuring Cody ChesnuTT
-Jeru, Black Thought, Mos Def, Kweli, Jean Grae, Phonte, Dice Raw, Mack Dub, Truck, more.


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thats one crazy concert. props for chappelle for holding this shit.

white Boy

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i really like that chappelle has a grerat taste in music.. i think this concert was mention... well can wait for the dvd


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OMG I cant wait for this DVD 8)



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Damn, looks like Dave hosted a dope ass party...


That looks like one hell of a black party. I hope he throws one in Cali.