Author Topic: [Audio] Petey Pablo, Jayo Felony & 40 Glocc! + Suga Free, Weasel Loc & 40 Glocc.  (Read 299 times)

Nima -

Just did a big 40 Glocc updat, with some new audio. Make sure to check out the song with Petey Pablo, jayo MURDERS that!!

What do you think of when you hear the name 40 Glocc? (We're talkin' rap... so don't bring the gun-talk in)

Well, ever since starting off with the Dogg Pound a few years back, 40 has been steadily on the rise. After releasing his HIGHLY overlooked debut solo "The Jakal", which featured damn near the whole West Coast, his non-stop grinding and huslting has brought him up to a point where people look at him as one of the West Coasts most promising prospects.

He's part of the Riflemen crew which consists of the legendary Mobb Deep from the East, and West Coast legends Kurupt & Jayo Feloney. All together, backed by smashing production from Havoc & Alchemist, these boys are bound to shake up the game.

As we reported a few weeks back, the Riflemen are currently looking for the right deal to release the completed album on, and are also gonna release a mixtape really soon.

To back up what I just said about 40 Glocc, I have three songs below for ya'll to check out. The first one features Petey Pablo, who's been rumoured to have signed with Death Row, and Jayo Felony. The song is called "Shame" and is a definite BANGER!

Check it out below:

40 Glocc, Petey Pablo & Jayo Felony - Shame

The next song I have for you is a 40 Glocc solo song called "Runnin'". The copy I'm puttin' up is just a ruff mix, it's not the final mix. Check it out below:

40 Glocc - Runnin'

And last, but not least is a song from J Steez' upcoming album (look for a detailed J Steez update tomorrow with more audio). The song features Suga Free, Weasel Loc & 40 Glocc and is called "On Point" and is banging as shit. Suga Free is at his BEST on this one!

J Steez ft. 40 Glocc, Weasel Loc & Suga Free - On Point

This is it for now, but we're gonna bring you an in-depth 40 Glocc interview soon, aswell as audio from his newest project:

40 Glocc & Kurupt Present.... The Zoo Babies!

Stay tuned!


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songs r hot, 40 glocc is dope fa sho!  goddamn jayo ripped that song.  he straight shits on EVERYBODY in rap right now.  I can't wait for this rifelmen shit.

Que (signing off)

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You really think that 40 Glocc, Petey Pablo & Jayo song is hot? Ive not heard such shit in years, sorry just my opinion. Good news update though. Alchemist & Havoc producing that Riflemen CD sounds big. Alchemist album is off the hook.
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the song with petey and jayo ain't bad but the beat sucks
I ain't really feeling the song running(weird beat) but the last one is dope
but am i the only one who thinks petey sounds like tray dee?

Nima -

3 replies?? ya'll trippin man.. for real.  ::)

cause i can see most of u fools downloadin the songs and not leavin no feedback.


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Liked the Suga Free, and the Pety Pablo ones.



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props nima for the exclusive drops. I like that Suga Free one, pretty dope.

Nima -

props nima for the exclusive drops. I like that Suga Free one, pretty dope.

yeah Suga Free dropped a hilarious verse right there lol "million dollar spern"


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suga frees verse is dope can someone write up his lyrics haha some words I cant hear what he sayin.
Dam and petey Pablo song I remember when they played it in havocs hotel room shit I loved it back then and now its even tighter.

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Nima -



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thanks nima


props 4 the news, nice songs, def feelin' "J Steez ft. 40 Glocc, Weasel Loc & Suga Free - On Point" the beat is crazy


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the more i hear that petey pablo track, the more i love it ;)