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Peep this "welcome to the house" review
« on: September 26, 2002, 09:53:32 PM »
"Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, sports a new persona. From being a multi-million selling artist, releasing such hits as; Doggy Style, Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told, Top Dogg, and Dead Man Walkin' LP contained songs from Snoop's Death Row stay and then Tha Last Meal LP. Hitting the Top 40, saw Snoop with supporting roles on Mariah's "Crybaby" and Dre's "The Next Episode." (Damn!! what a rťsumť. what else can one do! Well a clothing line!!) To now, literally being in the big Dawgís house, heís CEO and Executive Producer of Doggy Style Records.

Big Snoop retained those innate senses, sought out and developed his talent. Comprised of four solo artists he created his All-stars frontline; E-White, Mr. Kane, SoopaFly and LaToiya Williams.

The album entitled Snoop Dogg Presents, "Doggy Style All-Stars Welcome to the House Vol.1, is distributed by Universal Music and video Distribution was released on August, 27th 2002. The star studded compilation contains twenty songs, featuring this yearís hottest appearances by; Dat Nigga Daz, Lady of Rage, RBX, Lady May, plus a host of others!! Meanwhile, boasting brilliant production work from producers; HI-Tek, Fredwreck, Alchemist, Soopafly, DJ Premier, Meech Wells, DJ Scratch, Michael Angelo, & EZ Elpee.

Doggy Style All-Stars does not falter; the easy to listen to disc compiles stacks of readily available street, radio and video favoriteís songs from the artists and producers whose work will constitute this album as a gem, which are not more than a CD player away. Nonetheless, there are exceptional songs such as; LaToiya Williams on Fallen Star and It Feels Good, an easy transition to top 40 or Urban Contemporary format. Doiní It Bigg with RBX & E-White, SoopaFly does it on Are You Ready, Raised on Tha Side, on Donít Fight the Feeliní appears Camíron and Nate Dogg, Unfucwitable, Donít Make a Wrong Move, featuring Prodigy & Special-Ed will fluxuate between mix show and the streets, Just Get Carried Away... (No!! that last one was a song, please excuse me, listening to the CD and canít stop writing...) definitely video.

Welcome to the House Vol.1, attained a solid four out of the five rating, itís a must have. This product is saturated with charismatic talent, exciting guest appearances; itís very entertaining and well balanced. Snoop fans you get just enough of him, fifty percent of the album geared to West coast music lovers, East Coast will love the diverse vocal appearances and styles presented. Now if this does not entice you to purchase, Welcome to the House Vol.1, then maybe going to will be persuasive enough. U.W.A.G. and Rhythm delivers."

It seems they are mad abouot this album...
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Re: Peep this "welcome to the house" review
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Damn, thats a great review, that reviewer really did get carried away there, lol.

"It's a must have".
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