Author Topic: who got that Bad Boy/Westwood One thing that was on the hookup forum awhile ago  (Read 106 times)

We Fly High

damn i remember there were like two hookups in the forum.. they were two bad boy records audio files.. i kinda wanted to transfer them onto my ipod.. but i have a new computer now, and the computer with the two files on it are back at home like 4 hours away.. so i'd appreciate it if someone could hook me up with them.. i remember one was a interview, and another one was the concert.

Leggy Hendrix

i posted them up a while back, think ive still got the files on my external drive...

dunno where to hook them up tho...probably wont work on yousendit...

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dude im baning you mother over here in eu. but im not a white,brown,black,yellow etc. im your nightmare

We Fly High

damn do you have AIM or anything?


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you can get them from MATE

We Fly High

i cant seem to find the link on the westwood page. i tried looking everywhere. can you give me a direct link please? thanks.