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No, but that explains:

Median household income below state average.
Median house value below state average.
Unemployed percentage above state average.
Median age significantly below state average.
Foreign-born population percentage above state average.
Length of stay since moving in below state average.
Number of rooms per house below state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher significantly below state average

dogg, there are a lot hispanics in cities around here like Rancho Cucamunga, Riverside, Chino, and they are cities with lots of money. I live in California, that means there is going to be lots of hispanics, Spanish, Mexican, or any other type you can think of. It's Cali dogg.

I Live in San Dimas, CA.....We're In The IE & and there are hardly any mexicans up in seems that all the minoritys of the city live on my block, lol.....but yea, its true, the more farther in you go, the more minorities you'll find


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Re: Where are you from/live
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take a trip to downtown San Bernardino it's a not place i would call rich :-\

anyhow i live one city over in Rialto, California...IKE MOB! 8)

i'm orginally from Barbados that's a islang countryin in the caribbean with a pretty good economy the exchange rate is $1.00 USD = 1.98 BDS.

it's been like that for years and has never devalued so u can say our gvernment knows how to budget money well.

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