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CREDITS: Outerspace - Blood and Ashes
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Outerspace - Blood and Ashes

01. Intro
Conceived By Shuko

02. Brute Force
Produced By Beyonder

03. Fire and Ice
Produced By 7L

04. Chrome Depot (Skit)

05. The Revolution w/ Celph Titled
Produced By Celph Titled

06. Cutthroats
Produced By DJ Satone

07. Top Shelf w/ Sadat X
Produced By Shuko

08. It Is What It Is
Produced By 7L

09. Gods and Generals w/ King Syze and Des Devious
Produced By Jon Doe

10. Immature (Skit)

11. Chapter of Thunder
Produced By Shuko
Co-Produced By Tinkerman

12. Raw Deal
Produced By Panik

13. Blades of Glory w/ Vinnie Paz
Produced By Panik

14. Whatever It Takes
Produced By Arythmetic

15. Far Greater w/ 7L & Esoteric
Produced By 7L

16. Angels of Death w/ Immortal Technique
Produced By Shuko