Author Topic: Orange Flavored Candlesticks In The Milky Bath Water  (Read 55 times)


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Orange Flavored Candlesticks In The Milky Bath Water
« on: November 01, 2004, 09:04:29 PM »
Im not the handle im the bullet in the gun/
Infinite possibilities when searching for the sum/
Of life and the prophecy of death, no less/
Will i be confused than any human to test/
The theory, that not 1 soul on this earth can see me/
Mentally, physically, the opitomy of illy/
Geneticlly killing every mc's who hears me/
The king gets his crown bent, domestic entrapment/
You aint a fruit, your the whole friggin basket/
Im not trying to impress anyone, it's no mystery/
I just want my fucking name in rap history/
No need for money and all this glamour shit/
All i need is a beat respect is what im out to get/
Peep the context, like a vortext sucking you in/
Turning rappers from sky scrapers to 1 story buildings/
I guess you can say this is the formula for death/
The fashionest, isolate the fascist/
Mashin, supplemental stashes of hash plants/
Advancement of the normal human thoughts/
Fuck any place that aint this hot/
Drink tonic, smoke chronic teach phonics/
So drunk that i start eating my own vomit/
I was never born, just created on impact/
7 years old bumpin wu-tang, memorizing ill raps/
Immense context in my city shit is tense/
So every sentence becomes real and your life irrelavent/
My story im telling it, yellin it/
Through my voice box to your ear drums/
Disposing carbon dioxide from my polluted lungs/
Married mary jane when i was 13/
My dreams are mixed with dirty skeems/
Half of them is to put you to a lean/
The feeins be thinkin im jesus/
They say i need this, while selling their body in pieces/
The liver goes for 300 thats 10 rocks/
10 blocks, thats 10 g's on the spot/
Whether or not i get caught by the cops/
Im just trying to get my money motherfuckers/
yall aint finnin to win/ ya lil shrimps/ aint pimps/ yall be grinnin at men/-Young-$-Money
Repinn that supreme/ crip team/ always up to they schemes/ we took on they mariens/ and blew em to smitherienz/-Young-$-Money Roliin32KC