Author Topic: High-Profile Attorney Blunders.  (Read 56 times)


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High-Profile Attorney Blunders.
« on: November 02, 2004, 04:04:34 AM »
For those that has been following the Scott Peterson case, I'm wondering
if anyone thinks that the Scott's lawyer, the high-profile Mark Gregaros,
won the case to set Scott free? From what I understand, his track record
isn't as amazing as one would expect from a high-profile lawyer. Some
examples include his representation of:

Susan McDougal. She spent 18 months in jail.
Wynonna Rider. Convicted of shoplifting.
Michael Jackson. Replaced Geragos with another attorney.

All this makes me wonder why the Petersons choose him. In my opinion,
if they wanted a high-profile, successful defense lawyer, they should
have gone with Johnnie Cochran's firm.

I know Court TV does a great job keeping everyone up-to-date throughout
the day (I think they are allowed to have a few reporters inside the
courthouse during the trial who send updates to the station), but I've
been getting most of my updates at night from their anchor Catherine
Crier (I work during the day.) They're actually giving her two
dedicated hours during the trial's closing arguments (which start
Monday, 11/1) to talk about the case, which run from 5pm-6pm & 8pm-9pm
in case you can't catch the daytime coverage like me.

Cheers and let's see how this "Trial of the Year" wraps up!