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New Margaret Hassan Video Too Graphic To Broadcast According To Al-Jazeera

DUBLIN, Ireland - A new videotape (see first margaret hassan video here) of kidnapped relief worker Margaret Hassan has been released, showing her pleading for her life, then fainting, Ireland's premier said Tuesday.

Leader Bertie Ahern told the Dublin parliament that the Arab television station al-Jazeera was given the video, but decided not to broadcast it on humanitarian grounds.

 Speaking by telephone from Doha, Qatar, Jihad Ballout, Al-Jazeera's spokesman, said: "Yes, we have received a tape, but we decided not to air it because we believe it's too graphic."

He refused to elaborate.

The network will be airing a news item about that and an appeal for Hassan's release from Ireland, he added.

Ahern, who had read a text of the video but hadn't seen it, said he believes it shows the 59-year-old CARE worker pleading for her life directly to camera before suddenly fainting, according to the British news agency Press Association.

A bucket of water is then thrown over her head and she is filmed lying wet and helpless on the ground before getting up and crying, PA quoted him as saying.

Ahern described the text of the video as "distressing."

He said, "There were a number of very dangerous and very serious time scales stated." It was not immediately clear what he meant by time scales.

Mrs. Hassan's family had seen the film and immediately arranged to meet Ahern as a result.

The aid worker had lived in Iraq for more than 30 years and worked as the director of CARE International's Baghdad office.

She has British, Irish and Iraqi nationality. Since being seized by unidentified kidnappers in Baghdad on Oct. 19, the Irish government has made a number of direct appeals for her release.

Her sister, Deirdre Fitzsimons, spoke publicly about their anguish for the first time on Tuesday after she, two other sisters and their brother met with Ahern.


wtf? a woman fainting is too graphic, but a beheading men is not?? :-\

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ya, thats pretty lame
It's 4:20, are you smoking?

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