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Thugged Out Militainment/SMC

1. Take Ya Face Off (feat. Tony Sunshine & Raekwon)
Produced by Tuneheadz

2. Get It In (Say What)
Produced by Scram Jones

3. Move (feat. Nina Sky & Jim Jones)
Produced by Lapse

4. My Girl Gangsta (feat. T-Pain)
Produced by Scott Storch

5. Good Day
Produced by Play-n-Skillz

6. Set Trip (feat. Bun B)
Produced by OZ and Deacon

7. By Myself
Produced by Hazardis Soundz

8. On & On (feat. Sean Kingston)
Produced by Hazardis Soundz

9. Shorty Look Good
Produced by OZ and Deacon

10. Phone Call 2 Heaven
Produced by Hazardis Soundz

11. Body In the Trunk 2
Produced by Dame Grease

12. I Wasn't Wrong
Produced by Big Drain

13. Fake Nigga
Produced by Hazardis Soundz

14. Letter 2 Norieaga (Bonus Track)
Produced by Dame Grease


Floating In The Sky (feat. Kid Cudi)

Everybody's An AR

Still On The Run Eating (feat. Lil Wayne)

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you gon always be my latin queen bitch

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Re: CREDITS: N.O.R.E. - S.O.R.E.
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jome maybe you know...
i heard a nore song on the sat and it had the talkbox on it, know which song that was?
good lookin on any help
damn u still havent logged off...ur hurting everyone with all this wack shit u drop, it hurts more then getting the swine flu
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